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  5. "Treuliodd hi"

"Treuliodd hi"

Translation:She spent

February 18, 2016



The basic meaning of treulio is "to use up", so it can mean "spend (time)", "wear out (clothes)", "digest (food)".

If you want to say "spend (money)" you use gwario.

Treuliais i noson o dan y sêr (I spent a night under the stars)

Gwariais i £100 ar docyn trên (I spend £100 on a train ticket)

Incidentally, in south Wales you can use hala (spend, send) for both colloquially.

Halais i noson o dan y sêr

Halais i £100 ar docyn trên


Funny, gwario seems to me as if it should mean "to play", based on Cornish gwari :) (Which is probably related to chwarae instead, no doubt.)


Yeah chwarae is related to gwari. Gwario comes from English ware.


Excellent; thank you!

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