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a song with some interesting idioms

The song, "Coups et Blessures" by BB Brunes, has some interesing idiomatic language. The song is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF5etHMRMMM

Here are the lyrics, with translation:

200 watts (200 watts)

En paire de bottes (in a pair of boots)

Délicate et désinvolte (Delicate and casual)

C'est pas des cracs (It's true (literally "it's not wizardry"))

Quand elle me sourit (When she smiles at me)

Je me détraque (I go haywire)

A coups d'insomnies (And have insomnia)

[Refrain] Tu me plaques comme une affiche au mur (You flatten me like a poster on the wall)

Je porte plainte pour coups et blessures (I'm filing a claim for assault and battery)

J'étais a deux doigts (I was on the verge (literally "i had two fingers"))

De finir fou de toi (Ending up crazy for you) Fou de toi

200 watts

En paire de bottes

Délicate et désinvolte

Les yeux flous (eyes blurred)

Elle semble si loin de tout (she seems so far from everything)

Quand elle me fait la moue (when she pouts)

C'est tout mon coeur qui bout houhou (my heart boils)


Tu me traques et surplombes de Paris à Hong-Kong (you're hounding me and looking down from Paris to Hong Kong)

Tu m'attaques et je tombe, l'honneur blessé (You attack me and I fall down)

Tu me plaques comme une affiche au mur

Je porte plainte

Je vais le payer c'est sûr (I will pay, that's for sure)

J'étais a deux doigts (I was on the verge)

D'y laisser tout mon bras (of paying an arm and a leg (literally "all my leg"))

Tout mon bras (an arm and a leg)

I hope you like it, and if you have any more idiomatic song lines, post them here!

4 years ago



Gardien de Nuit by Francis Cabrel uses many expressions containing the verb garder:


4 years ago


(please move this thread to the French section, as shown in this picture:)

4 years ago


I had posted it while in the idioms section. I have no idea how I got it into the Duolingo section. It's rather annoying that I can't move it into idioms, but that's life! I wonder if there's a French idiom for that? ;)

4 years ago


Perhaps you could say c'est ainsi for "that's how it is."

4 years ago


LOL, it was a joke. Of course the idiom would be "C'est la vie!"

4 years ago


It is life, isn't it? :-)

4 years ago