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  5. "Ges i dywydd gwlyb."

"Ges i dywydd gwlyb."

Translation:I had wet weather.

February 18, 2016



It sounds to be as if the TTS is saying gles i every time. Surely this must be an error?


I agree. Every time I hear this one, I always transcribe it as "gles" because that is what it sounds like


Same here. I thought it was glys (although i confess i don't even know if that's a word!)


The implication in English is that the person who says "i had wet weather" has been sonewhere else. "It has been wet" would refer to a common location, over a length of time. "It was wet" would refer to a specific time in the past, but context would be needed to determine whether the wetness was here or there!


Never heard this in first person in English, "WE had wet weather", yes, but not in my forty years, mostly spent in different parts of Lloegr have I heard this.


You must never have known a lone traveller then.


It sounded like 'ges i dywydd bri' to me no matter how many times I listened to it! the sound quality frustrates me frequently!


gwlyb is pretty clear on my phone. You may find the sound better if you use a headset, perhaps.

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