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  5. "Io ho perso la chiave."

"Io ho perso la chiave."

Translation:I have lost the key.

February 18, 2016



Perduto is correct, but less used in the spoken Italan.


Grazie. That is what I thought.


I feel that if "Io ho perso il portafoglio" can be translated to mean "I lost MY wallet," (even though it isn't a word-for-word translation) that "I lost my key" should be accepted here.


I agree. Can anyone shed any light on it? Neil C. below makes a good point, but I can't see any difference in ambiguity of ownership between a key and a wallet. Indeed, even in English it would possible to say something like: "I couldn't get into the car because I'd lost the key" where both the things were mine, and the person I was talking to would know that.


Why is it "perso" and not "perduto" as it shows in the indication ?


Sometimes Duo allows "my " for "la _". Why not here?


I think, Dick, that DL only allows it when it is something which is unambigously owned. So a body part which uses "la" may be translated as "my", but we do not know who owns the key in this case.


Thank you, Neil. Have a lingot!

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