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  5. "Do you have a sister-in-law?"

"Do you have a sister-in-law?"

Translation:Oes chwaer yng nghyfraith gyda chi?

February 18, 2016



DL rejected my sentence, 'Oes gennyt ti chwaer yng-nghyfraith?'. Was I wrong?


gyda ti should be accepted too


Yes it should be, have you reported it?


No but I will now :)


Is the word order important? I chose "Oes efo chi chwaer yng nghyfraith" but this was marked as an error.


Of order word course important is.


Of course word order is sometimes important. Word order is sometimes important, of course. Sometimes word order is important, of course. :-) But in this sentence, can the "efo chi" come before the "chwaer yng nghyfraith" or not?


As far as I know, efo means "with" in the north while gyda means "with" in the south -- but while gyda is used in the south for "have" constructions, efo is not so used in the north.

Instead, the options are Mae X gyda (fi, etc.) (south) and Mae (gen i, etc.) X for "(I, etc.) have an X". Which use not only a different word (invariant gyda in the south, inflected gan in the north) but also a different word order (gyda after the possessed noun in the south, gan before the possessed noun in the north).

So I think Oes efo chi ...? is not possible, only Oes gennych chi ...?.

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