"Ich lerne Wörter."

Translation:I am studying words.

January 17, 2013

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Why is "I learn words", in the simple present tense, not an accepted answer?

Most previous sentences conformed to having both the simple present as well as present continuous forms as accepted answers.


It accepts it now, was their fault apparently.


Ich lerne viele deutsche Wörter


Is there any difference between Wörter and Worte? Just different forms? I have actually only heard the latter one in songs, poems and ads :)


"Wörter" meint technisch die einzelnen Wörter eines Satzes oder Textes. Also: "Wieviele Wörter stehen da?" oder "Sagitta145 ist sehr fleißig und hat heute zwanzig neue Wörter gelernt." "Worte" meint einen zusammenhängenden Gedanken bei einem Ausspruch. Also: "Er sagte ein paar Worte zum Unabhängigkeitstag." oder "Das waren seine Worte zur Begrüßung." Auf dieser Website etwas hinunterscrollen, da findest du dann die Erklärung des "Duden": http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Wort


I've always interchanged "study" and "learn" and was not marked wrong, until now. I lost a heart. Is this just a glitch in the program? Or is there another meaning that I'm missing out on?


Can we translate it as "I learn vocabulary"?


The word "Worter" (umlaut, I know!) is equivalent to "vocabulary" depending upon whether one reads it literally or with more sophistication.


Everyone on Duolingo can honestly say this, hell, people looking up terms in their native languages dictionary can say this if they're looking for a word they don't know the meaning of

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