"Ławka w parku"

Translation:A bench in the park

February 18, 2016

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How would you say a park bench? Would it be different?


do you want to be literal "parkowa ławka" or "ławka parkowa" - if it is a specific product. But , I would say ławka w parku 98% of times.


Thank you. If you wanted to say - he is sitting on a park bench - you would still say 'ławka w parku' ?


Yes, in casual speach 100%.


You can say "(On) Siedzi na ławce w parku" when the park bench is actually located in the park. The same bench placed in the garden would be called "ławka w ogrodzie"
or "ławka ogrodowa" (garden bench) so now you can say:
"(On) Siedzi na ławce w ogrodzie".


What is the difference between "The bench is in the park" and "a bench in the park"?


Both would be rendered in a single Polish sentence: „Ławka jest w parku”. Polish language does not use articles and most probably the same information would be provided as a context.


That sounds like something that a Russian person would ask, so maybe it's your knowledge of Ukrainian? I don't know if it works the same as Russian. But Polish just needs a verb.

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