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What's Duo's timezone?

It's only 23:30 and I've just logged-in for my daily dose of Duo but I've already lost my streak! This seems a bit snide to me... Where's does Duo draw the dateline?

4 years ago


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I believe it is the timezone from whatever computer you used to create your account, and stays that time zone even if you log in from a computer that has a different time zone from the original. If you feel there has been a mistake, you can make a post in the Trouble shooting forum. To get there, just go to the main Discussion page, and look to the right. The forum will either be there, or, depending on what layout you have, you might need to scroll down until you see the miniature flags.

Good luck!

PS I'm in the US. My streak resets itself at midnight. I'm often awake doing lessons towards the wee hours of the morning.. If I do a lesson just before midnight, my streak stays the same. If I complete a lesson even one minute after midnight, my streak number increases.

However, my weekly point total resets at some point during Sunday afternoon.

4 years ago


Is there a way to change my time zone? I started duolingo when I was studying abroad and now I live permanently back at home, in a completely different time zone, and daily cut off is all messed up. Duo has a hard time telling what day I'm on, sometimes giving me points for days that haven't happened yet, and sometimes no points for a day that still has 5 hours left in it.

3 years ago


I have the same question

3 years ago

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That's a shame. It's 24 hours in your time-zone.

4 years ago


Did anyone figure out the time zone used? I just created an account in California (PST) this week but it seem that my account is stuck in Eastern Time. Very odd.

3 years ago