Timed Practice

I bought the Timed Practice in the shop for 10 lingots. But I don't know how to use it. Can someone help me???

December 26, 2013


If you are using this format, click the Strengthen Skill button.
If you are using the other format, there are a few ways to use this feature.
1) Click the blue Lesson Practice button (locate in about the same place as the other format)
2) Click Vocabulary and then click the blue Practice weakest words button
(the above two options to exactly the same thing, practice your overall weakest words)
3) Click any Skill (from the home page) and click the Practice Skill button (below the lesson notebooks, right hand side). This will allow you to practice vocabulary words that appear in that skill only.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, I found it on the desktop site (it looks like your screenshot). However I am unable to find it on the app - is there no way to use timed practice on mobile?

Unfortunately, it is only avaliable on the website.

Just as an update, in summer of 2019 timed lessons were added to the app.

I don't see it...the app has very minimal things on it now..

I never saw it on the app.

Must not be for all languages -- not available for Italian as of now.

How comes you have so many lingots? Is there a special knack at earning lingots?

If you find Wikipedia articles that are NOT NOT NOT already existing/translated in the other language (see the left bar on Wikipedia), post them to the Immersion part, and every time anyone upvotes them it'll give you a lingot. I've earned like 1,000 lingots that way and am currently at 1,769. I've posted to/from French, German, and Spanish.

Also do the Double or Nothing challenges, and make sure you keep up with them. A. That helps keep you accountable because you stand to lose 5 lingots each time you lose your streak, but B. it helps you keep up your streak which ALSO gives you your streak-days divided by 10 every time you hit a new mark. So it's a win-win! (as long as you don't ruin your streak)

Wow... You speak English, French, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Scandinavian, Brazilian (Is that a language???!!!), Japanese, Ukrainian and Turkish. Not to mention your 562 day streak! How?

LOL, I don't "speak" hardly any of those (by my own personal high standards). I have studied bits and pieces here on DuoLingo, as well as done a German major and French minor at university, along with lots of practice chatting in Spanish with the Dominican janitor at our office, but beyond that barely any.

You ought to check out the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a pretty nice sliding "spectrum" on which you can place proficiency level: A1->A2 --> B1->B2 --> C1->C2.

I would call my German C1 (although a native speaker once called me clearly, way better than C1, so C2, but if anything I'd say B2 would be), French somewhere between B1 and B2, and Spanish somewhere between A2-B1. Only Polish, Italian, or Irish would I even consider are worthy of A1 proficiency status, as most are barely along at all.

Just remember: I LOVE learning foreign languages in general, so to/for me it's just a hobby. Point being, it might appear impressive, but there's a lot not captured by those flags and streak-length icons you see ;-)

I cant speak any of the languages I have on my list that ive studied on duolingo except I can speak spanish pretty well XD once I finish all the romance language (almost done) then ill study them all so much that ill be able to speak most of them a little bit at least :) good job with your work!

Wait you have a hobby!?

Wait... you go to university?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You should study each seriously, like maybe get each one up to 10 one by one and hold them there so you're okay at pretty much everything and then become a translator or something.

I'm probably B1 in Spanish (is that a good start going into freshman year at high school?) and A1 or less at French, since I started learning that here yesterday.

LMAO it’s NOT Brazilian, it’s Brazilian Portuguese. The same way that English in Duolingo has the American flag. Brazilians speak Portuguese.

Scandinavian? That's like saying you speak south american, or middle eastern ;)

Oh... and German. Sorry

supdude4 - u should see this girls profile, she has 1638 days streak!! That's more than 4 years! Everyday reaching her daily goal, I had to add her...her name is Rainsgirl

"Brazilian" is generally known as Portugese.

Have two lingots. Your stupidity just made my day.

I don't think he cares

look it up. there is 1

It's day streak :)

Thank you sooo much

THANKS A LOT! ¡Gracias!

ahhhhh nice mouse


Is there a way to access this on the Android/iPhone/iPad application?

How did you get the grass background? at the bottom of your screen?

What I like about Duolingo is that you cannot buy lingots. You have to earn them. By giving useful comments, you can earn them. As you progress in a language, you can earn lingots (i,e leveling up in XP).

PLEEEEEAAAASE help me. I want to use my Timed Practice. Otherwise its just a waste of lingots.

If you are currently on a version that looks different from the image above then click on 'lesson practice'. Let us know if this helps and answers your question :)

Plus let's all be clear this doesn't work on the mobile app

The Duolingo UI team definitely need to make this more clear. This question is a year old!

Click on the practice icon in the lower left-hand corner.

Or start a lesson and replace the number in the URL (1-4) with practice.

None of the timed practices work anymore. They were my
favorite and most helpful part of this website, but now they are gone.


I don't know how to use either

Hello there. You have to go on a strengthening gameplay. Not regular gameplay.

It doubles your xp when you test out of a skill try it! it works great

I did and I got 200 XP

That's impossible. The max number of questions on the timed practice is 20.

Without the timing its 10xp and with timing its 20xp?

I have the same problem here. Just started 11 days ago.

Only works on the website when it's in desktop mode/desktop view. You can use any device to see it on your browser though. If you need help, let me know the browser and device you are using (iPhone, android, ... safari/edge/chrome, etc.)

What happened to the timed practice? I use it all the time and today it's gone.

I just discovered the same thing. I ALWAYS started my daily lessons with doing some timed practices. They were great! They helped me to hear and respond faster, as one would have to when talking with people. I bought them in the shop but now that isn't even showing up in there. I hope they bring them back and SOON! I REALLY miss that challenge.

Not working anymore, for whatever the reason.

Yes! after you click the strengthen skill button, click the start timed practice button. this will take you to the timed practice, where you have to tipe the correct words as fast as you can before the clok says 00:00!

Fine but this doesn't work on mobile right?

use browser, switch to desktop view.

I'm on a laptop and have always had it as an option (once I purchased it with lignots in the shop) but it is no longer available - the lessons now just start right up not timed without even giving the option. So sad!!!

is there any limit as to how many times we can actually use the timed practice?

No. You can practice as much as you want. It is unlimited for 10 lingots.

Timed practice seems to be the only option now on my droid and I really don't like it. It's stressful and prevents me from really being able to think about my answers

Yeah, the Strengthen Skills button also disappeared on the main page of my Android app. I just click each lesson and access it from there.

how do you take off the option to do a time practice because when I hit enter it automatically goes to timed practice and I don't want to be timed right now.

If you look under daily goal, there will be a button that says "Practice". Click that, and it should come up with"Practice without timer" or "Practice with Timer".

How many points are you earning with time practice? it seems it is one point per answer. On mobile application is doubled. How I can turn that option on mobile? It disappeared when I bought time to practice with lingos on desktop​.

unten links ist ein hantel drauf klicken dann auf ´timed practice´ klicken und dann kanns losgehen

What is it good for?

Hi , I don't see the timed practice option in the shop, will somebody help me

Hi! The Timed Practice feature is being discontinued.

i miss the timed practice. Is it being reworked or gone for good?

My bad, by mistake I clicked on the Timed Practice Button... I just lost 10 Lingots...because I don't care about time practice

Try it, doofus

I couldn't figure this out's not very intuitive!

Yeah, just click on the "strengthen skills" and click on timed practice

it will appear when you click "strengthen skills".

What is it used for? I need help

Seriously, same thing! I have no idea what to do next.

Just to say that the Android app now has the option to do timed practice if you want to. On my phone it looks like a weightlifting icon in blue. It's optional. I don't use it daily, but it's fun to do if you have mastered a level.

Timed practice not working well using iPad there is a time lag.

Can anyone explain the purpose of the timed practice? I bought it, but it seems the same as just practicing: like I click on the practice icon and it just gives me a bunch of questions (which I can easily answer in 2-3 minutes total), so what is the purpose of a "10 minutes timed practice"? I thought it would just keep giving me questions until I ran out of time and then tell me how much I completed in 10 minutes. But as it is, it felt kind of pointless...Am I missing something?

Regular practice gets you 10 points per day, and you can re-try anything you miss. Timed practice is one time through, as many as you can get within the time limit, but if you get them all you get 20 points per day. So if you think you can get more than half of them right, go for the timed practice. If you think a section is full of long sentences that will take too much time, even if you are proficient, do it without the timer.

Beyond the points, it does help you develop the ability to trust your knowledge and your ability to hear what they're saying. You don't have time to dally. You just have to commit. You will get better each time you go through.

on the Learn page, you will see a white and blue icon (white circle with blue dumbell ) clicking that will take you to the timed page. Hope that helps!

This post was created six years ago. I'm sure they've figured it out by now.

Go onto exercise...

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