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  5. "Я купила женскую футболку."

"Я купила женскую футболку."

Translation:I bought a women's T-shirt.

February 18, 2016



Футболку = T shirt?? I didn't see that one coming!


I guess we do the same thing in calling all kinds of shoes 'tennis' shoes. How often do we actually play tennis?


I must say, the number of cognates Russian has with English is amazingly low. I'll bet they had a word for internet 200 years ago.


What is the etymology behind "футболка"? Does it have anything to do at all with football, or is it just by coincidence that these words are similar?


How is футболку =T-shirt?


Maybe the first time Russians saw a T-shirt was someone wearing a jersey on a soccer pitch :)


I'm pretty sure T-shirts existed in Russia before football did. :)


If so, pretty sure they weren't called футболки...


I agree!!! As I understand it, before it became the t-shirt we wear today, that kind of garment was considered to be underwear not outerwear! ;-0 I did a bit of reading and in English, it would originally have been known as an "undershirt", in French as "un maillot de corps", which both translate as майка in Russian.


the same way магазин is store


This one surely comes from French, "magazin" that means "store," noting that even in English "magazine" can also mean a supply place, especially for ammunition, etc.


Wiktionary says:

From German Magazin or Dutch magazijn from Middle French magasin (“warehouse, store”) from Italian magazzino (“storehouse”) from Arabic مَخَازِن‎ (maḵāzin, “storerooms, storehouses”), plural of مَخْزَن‎ (maḵzan, “storeroom, storehouse”) from Arabic خَزَنَ‎ (ḵazana, “to store, to stock, to lay up”).


like the french word


футбол + -/-рубаш-/-ку


why is i bought a T-shirt for women incorrect?


because that would be a totally different meaning and would require the dative case


I don't think KippieDaoud meant buying a T-shirt to give to "women" but simply was asking about another method to render the "women's" part "женская футболка," a method that seems reasonable and for all I know might be accepted by now.


I don't understand why Wesley Alcoforado was down voted here. Isn't feminine t-shirt a valid translation? Can someone kindly explain why, instead of just down voting? In Brazilian Portuguese I can either say camiseta feminina - feminine t-shirt, or camiseta de/para mulher/mulheres - women's t-shirt. Can someone kindly help me understand if the same applies to Russian?


I don't know about in Russian, but as somebody above has hinted, "feminine" in English is not the same thing as "female" or indeed "for women". A "feminine T-shirt" would, to most people, probably mean like a pink frilly T-shirt with a flower fairy motif, regardless of whether it was designed for a woman or a man.


This answer is correct. It is important to recognize that word usage varies from language to language. In English the accepted usages are these. Female refers to the gender, just as the nouns woman and girl do. Feminine refers to the attributes of a female (woman or girl). So you can say that someone is a feminine woman in order to say that the woman in question has strong traditionally female characteristics. Or that she prefers a feminine style of dress. Female is less often used as an adjective. One might say that an animal is, say, a female elephant. But female is more often a noun, as in the females of the species. Feminine is similar to girlish, girly, mannish, masculine. All refer to supposed attributes of men or women. In the question above we would not say feminine T-shirt; it would describe the style. We would not say female T-shirt; T-shirts do not have gender. We would say women's (or girls') in order to say that it was made and sized for women (girls).


Ok, that is something I can understand and now that I think of, indeed I had messed up the feminine/female concept. Thank you very much Katie and Lynrae for the great replies and explanations


I think "feminine tee-shirt" would be "женственная футболка."

If "feminine" is showing up in the hints for "женский," it's probably at least in part because the grammatical feminine gender in Russian is "женский род."


I think Футболка is my favorite Russian word so far!


Could be a simple concept that footvall is a popular game in russia too, and that the uniform in football is a "jersey tshirt".. symbolism


My answer has not been accepted, because I used "the" instead of "a" correlated to a women's T-Shirt???


Silence. Exept футболка there is also тенниска. Although for me it is all майки


In German we call these women's t-shirts (the fitted ones) "Girly" or "Girlie-Shirt"... I guess you can't say that in English and it's one of these German words that sounds English but aren't (like Handy for mobile)?


Feminine implies girlish, such as a pink or sequined T-shirt.


How is "jersey," like a team jersey translated in Russian?


You got me curious so I did a quick check in online translators (Glosbe and Reverso). Interestingly, it's the word майка (= "undershirt") in the examples I found using the phrase "team jersey". Eg. майка клуба or майка команы...


футболку like a soccer shirt ?


A women s t shirt or a t shirt for women is the same


"I bought The ladies' T-shirt" rejected - my unladylike response is simply ❤❤❤!


Ooooooops! My rejected answer was actually "I bought a ladies' T-shirt" - no definite article used.... however will I have to wait for an indefinite period of time for a non algo response to the fundamental thrust of my comment/query - or should I simply put it down to the fact of the concept of a lady being a woman is lost upon the American psyche?!


If i am a man, do i still use купила instead of купил, потому-что это ЖЕНСКОЙ футболка? Sorry if that part didnt translate smoothly, im still learning


Negative. You always say я купил if you are a man speaking. But if you want to say that SHE bought something, then you would say она купила. Hope that helps


Why isn't "I bought the women's T-shirt" accepted?


why women's T-shirt (i mean why in plural because in Russian it is in singular so it should be woman's T-shirt) No?)))


There is no English adjective like "womanish"that goes with t-shirt, unlike in Russian. See Lynrae's comment. So you have to phrase it another way in English and the idiomatic expression is women's t-shirt... Probably because it is the kind of t-shirt that is made for women in general and not for one woman only


Does not accept "I bought a lady's T-shirt"


I literally thought she was saying "I bought women's football", like ok Miss high roller


I also buy women's knickers


I'm still scratching my head over suffixes and agreement etc. e.g. the ..ую suffix. Are there notes available on grammatical rules? Or is that only for the prime version?


There are notes on the PC version. Prime only blocks the ads; it doesn't provide any additional content.


I wrote "female " and it got marked wrong, why?

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