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Skills won't turn gold

For me, both "Present Tense 1" and "Clothes" skills won't turn gold, no matter how many time I click the "Strengthen Skill" button and do the exercise.

I'm still getting the experience for it, but it refuses to go gold. Is this a bug?

February 18, 2016



I've had success with redoing the lessons individually, instead of using the strengthen button for the skill. (Also, high five, fellow Hufflepuff!)


That's a good idea! And go Hufflepuff!


Wfftipwff =P

(It's such a fluffy word to say, I love it. =3 )


If you'll look in the forum, "Present Tense 1" not re-gilding is discussed every few days.

As KateVinee said, the recommended workaround is to repeat the lesson inside that skill rather than strengthening the skill.

It's possible that the same is true for "Clothes", though I haven't had a problem with that one myself.


Thank you for letting me know! I guess I didn't look hard enough. Sorry about that!

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