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Can anyone recommend Ukrainian punk or metal groups?

I find listening to the songs and reading the lyrics really helps my word recognition.

Can anyone recommend some Ukrainian language bands that I can find online? I like Punk and Metal best, maybe an alt-rock station out of Kiev?

February 19, 2016



Ukraine has a strong black metal scene, check out nokturnal mortum, drudkh, hate forest, kroda. These are the most famous ones


Гайдамаки, Анархо-гурт ГраБля, and The Ukrainians.


Плач Єремії is an alternative rock band. You can also check Тінь Сонця, my friend likes this band, but this is kind of folk metal.


Drudkh has already been recommended, but it's worth a second recommendation. If learning about Ukrainian culture is important, Drudkh use Ukrainian poetry (including the works of Тарас Шевченко) for lyrics.


Are those two bands you suggest, or are you saying that listening to music with lyrics in a new language to improve recognition of the words is crazy?
If the first, please note that I need the music to be almost entirely Ukrainian lyrics, and the english bandnames make that seem unlikely. If the second, neurologists and my own personal experience say otherwise.

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