"Besides, it is not a main road."

Translation:Per di più, non è una strada principale.

January 17, 2013

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    "Oltretutto, non è una strada principale." Was wrong August 2020.


    I agree with you perhaps in this instance it would be translated as 'moreover'.


    I'm trying to practise things I have already covered and keep coming across sentences and phrases I haven't seen before such as 'per di piu'


    I agree that it's weird that we are given "besides" as "per di piu" here. (But, I don't mind new sentences, as long as the pieces have been taught in the lessons.)


    In French, "besides" can be translated as "de plus" so litteraly "di piu". I guess it comes from the same roots.


    I think "testing-out" questions need to be much more broad-ranging with accepted translations, as the user will have no idea what words duolingo is accepting. If they're testing out of a skill, they have a sense of how to say things, otherwise they wouldn't be trying to test out. And quite often, their correct answers aren't accepted because duolingo's teaching a different translation.


    Why not oltre rather than per di put


    I thought: road = strada ; street = via


    Mm - they can have separate meanings but i rather had the impression from much time in italy that both can also mean road. A lot of "ways" called via in italy can be seriously big and part of a main route. Right back to things like Via Appia Antica. Perhaps an Italian would care to pop on to clarify.


    yes, via and strada are not the same thing. As sc_acc has argued, DL Italian Course should be more clear about what is testing out. It needs lots of improvement this course.


    My understanding is the "per di piu" means "and what's more" or "on top of that". I used tuttavia (nonetheless) and was marked wrong.


    'Oltretutto' equivale a 'besides'.


    They throw in these things which we have not yet learned. It is so frustrating not to be able to advance in their legendary tests. I feel like I'm wasting my time.


    "Inoltre" wiuld be easier to remember and, IMHO more commonly used. See: https://mobile-dictionary.reverso.net/en/english-italian/besides


    I would translate "per di più" more along the lines of "furthermore", whereas "besides" could translate into, well, a number of things (which DL all consider wrong) :-/


    And once again we have an insisted-up right answer using a word (via) which was not yet introduced in a lesson. Another quality control issue!


    This would be like "furthermore "??


    almeno, non e una strada principale - WRONG


    Tuttavia would work as well as per di piu right?


    I wrote tuttavia and it was marked wrong. I'm not sure if it should have been marked as correct.


    Besides non vuol dire "oltretutto" ? Perché per DL è sbagliato?

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