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  5. "Is Dewi Lingo ill today?"

"Is Dewi Lingo ill today?"

Translation:Ydy Dewi Lingo'n sâl heddiw?

February 19, 2016



It is really inconvenient when one is expected to know phrase like "yn sal," that one could not possibly have. Is this another regional variant?


Yep, "yn sal" is the northern variant, and I'd recommend learning it since until I looked at the course I had no clue that "dost" even existed.


Sâl, tost, gwael are all used for ill, poorly, etc. (Sâl with the to bach accent.)


Aren't "yw" and "ydy" interchangeable? I wrote "Yw Dewi Lingo'n sâl heddiw" and was marked incorrect.


See the course notes - yw is not used to start a question (in the standard language, anyway).


why is 'tost' not acceptable and yet it was in the previous question?


It should be mutated: Ydy Dewi Lingo'n dost heddiw?


I put "tost" in this one and was told that "dost" was another translation. Does this mean that the mutation isn't that important here, or is it a glitch?


The mutation is required. Without seeing the question, your exact answer and the exact response by Duo, it is hard to say if there was a system problem or not. Using tost here instead of the correctly mutated dost is something that Duo's algorithm might flag as a mistake or simply as a typo.

If you do come across a system bug, please report it so that Duo staff can investigate - https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


Just to check. Above it said tost, sal(+ roof), gwael all used for ill, poorly etc. But to say. I am poor in Welsh would only be Dw i'n wael yn Cymraeg. Not sure about yn Cymraeg or yn Gymraeg


That should be yn Gymraeg because it comes from yn y Gymraeg.

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