Adding a Slovak Language Course.

Did you know that Slovak language is in top 10 most difficult languages in the world? Would you take the challenge of learning this beautiful language?

I would love to help to create and add this language to the list and it would be great if I would be able to find people who would like to contribute as well.

I currently work as a bilingual teaching assistant and interpreter and Duolingo is a fab programme to use with foreign students who are learning English. It not only teach them English but it also supports their own mother tongue. Unfortunately I am not able to use this programme for my EAL students who are speaking Slovak which is a shame.

So please please let's change this and another lovely language.

February 19, 2016


How different are Czech and Slovak? I know the Czech course is making very slow but steady progress. I imagine that Duolingo will wait until it's finished before adding a very similar language; not least because it will probably provide a basis for making a Slovak course a lot more quickly.

February 19, 2016

I speak both and I would say 1/3 of words are same 1/3 words differ in 1 or 2 letters and 1/3 words are completely different. Also the melody and the accent are different. And yeah, Czechs born after split of the federation (1993) are struggling to understand Slovak language. Slovak people usually don't have problem to understand Czech language as they are more in contact with language through media, literature and movies as Czech language has more speakers so produces and translates more things.

February 7, 2018

Slovak language is a bit similar considering the way grammar is set but many words are different. I feel it is like comparing Spanish with Italian. Czech people usually don't understand Slovakian speakers as they were never taught the language or never had to listen to it (Slovak Republic was part of Czech for a long time and we had to get used to using this language whereas Czech speakers never properly came to contact with Slovak language)

February 22, 2016

Yeah sure! I would more than gladly help out with adding a Slovak course to the program, my Slovak is a bit rusty but I'm sure I could be of assistance.

February 19, 2016
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