"Wir haben Ihre Frau nicht gesehen."

Translation:We have not seen your wife.

February 19, 2016



Why can't she be her wife? Because Ihre is with capital I?

May 3, 2016


Wow! You study a LOT of languages!

May 28, 2016


Of course, he puts 'all into learning' haha

June 3, 2016


If you wanted to say We cannot see your wife would this be "Wir konnen Ihre Frau nicht sehen"?

February 19, 2016


Almost. It would be Wir können Ihre Frau nicht sehen or Wir koennen Ihre Frau nicht sehen (The umlaut is important to pronunciation and meaning, pls do not just leave the dots off the ö)

February 19, 2016


But why ge sehen in this sentence?

Wir haben Ihre Frau nicht sehen. Wouldn't that be equally correct?

July 24, 2016


As far as I know, your sentence doesn't make sense. German Perfekt is formed by using an auxiliary (haben or sein) and the 3rd form of the verb at the end (which is why you have this ge- prefix)

May 26, 2018
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