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"La femme écrit une seule lettre."

Translation:The woman is writing only one letter.

January 17, 2013



Am i the solely person who thinks it is strange?


You would be the only person or the sole person, not the solely person.


Am I the solely person who thinks your sentence is strange?


I think the English translation 'The woman writes one sole letter' should also be accepted, but it is kicked back. What say you guys?


One sole letter is like one single letter. Only limits the quantity to the following number. One sole repeats the quantity. (unnecessarily, in my view)


Sure, but its correct English and a correct translation. I agree perhaps yours is semantically better, but I think it's wrong to kick back this translation as officially 'incorrect'... I don't agree that it is. But hey... could be just me....


Could the translation also be '...writes a lonely letter'?


I don't think so. I have no idea how one would write "a lonely letter" in French. "Lettre de solitude"? Maybe "une lettre seule"? (whereas I would assume that "une lettre toute seule" would translate to "The woman writes a letter all by herself") Hopefully a native speaker chimes in on this one because I'm curious how one would write it.


"A lonely letter" would be something you would find in poetry or literature, I think. In French, I suggest: "une lettre esseulée" (a letter like a single A more probably than a sheet of paper with a full message on it).


I think we have to realize that one doesn't say things the same way in French as one says them in English. Every new speaker of English runs into this as well, in reverse. The French probably would not say that one writes a lonely letter. Maybe they would say that 'she writes a letter expressing her loneliness' or some such thing. Just thinking here.


DuFarge...Sounds good to me. Looked at literally a lonely letter would seem to be saying the letter itself was lonely, to a non native speaker.


Why "seule" is located before the noun "lettre"?? That isn't BANGS, isn't it??


if "seule" were after 'lettre", it would mean: "the woman writes one letter, alone" (la femme écrit une lettre, seule)


But doulingo translates les hommes seuls "single men"


B. A. Number, G. S.

Only one letter conveys number.


Oh I got it. Many thanks~!


"The woman writes a lone letter" should be accepted.


Right? Oh well.. we wouldn't speak that in English either, because 'a lone' is so close to 'alone' in sound. But 'she writes a lone letter alone' alliterates so nicely...hate to give it up...


The woman writes a letter alone???


"une seule lettre" means "a single letter/one letter only".

If you place "alone" at the end of the sentence, you mean that the woman is alone, she does not need any supervision or help to write a letter.


I understood that seulement meant only and that seule meant alone , is this correct and, or does the word change according to circumstance?


Why is "écrite" considered a typo? Shouldn't a woman writing be "elle écrite"?


Verbs don't carry gender. Il/elle écrit.


I said she writes a solo letter. Not accepted. This is a weird sentence.


I am wondering why my translation 'the woman is writing the only letter' was not accepted. 'the only' sounds the same as 'only one' to me. If they are not the same, could you explain me the difference, please?


Your sentence talks about a particular letter which is the only one that is being written. The example talks about a letter which may well be one of many that are being written. However, the person mentioned is writing only one letter.


The woman writes a letter alone. If it should have been a letter only what letter? Was it an A or B maybe a C


No difference with The woman is only writing one letter!!


She writes a single letter? As opposed to many at the same time? Sounds odd.


The woman is only writing only one letter. Marked as wrong?


the positioning of 'only' in an English sentence is argued over by experts


I answered The woman is writing a solitary letter which to me is equally correct i.e. one single letter but I know I won’t move on until I type what they require


above translation is excellent but not the one in the course: a lone letter


She writes a single letter. She writes a sole letter. She writes one letter only. These are all equivalent and I would use any of them. She writes only one letter works too, but could be ambiguous. She writes only one letter (but three novels), for example. In other words, it could suggest that a letter is not all she writes. Something to do with the placement of only. Anybody else help here?


All of your suggestions are accepted translations, with "writes" and "is writing". Would it make much sense that she writes one letter but 3 novels?


i forgot the only and they marked it wrong

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