"Umiem liczyć i rysować!"

Translation:I can count and draw!

February 19, 2016



Why isn't correct "I'm able to" instead of "I can"?

September 20, 2016


It's possible, and should no doubt be allowed, but in fact "can" is used much more often here. From my "bible", Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan, OUP:

"Can is preferred in the sense of "know how to":
Can you knit? (More natural than Are you able to knit?)"

May 17, 2017


So you can at least take care of the "drawn" and "quartered" bits, then.

July 4, 2017


Why isn't "I am able to count and draw" correct? How does "Mogę liczyć i rysować" translate differently? Thank you!

September 28, 2017


I said 'I know how to count and to draw'. Of course one can cut out the second 'to' but it is still correct spoken English, especially when one speaks slowly, making perhaps a point of emphasis.

August 14, 2018


Sure, added.

August 15, 2018
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