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Starting with the last level of the Dative Case and continuing to the Nominative Pronouns, Duolingo has been giving sentences with up to four new words per sentence and up to five of said sentences per individual lesson. Is this how the rest of the lessons go so am I supposed to develop a photographic memory to absorb the spelling, gender, and umlaut placement of up to twenty new words per ten minute lesson? It took me about a dozen tries to finish Dative Case, and that was only accomplished thanks to be eventually memorizing all the new words thanks to repetition. I don't mind repeating a lesson here or there, but this is getting ridiculous.

June 5, 2012

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Yep, it's frustrating. Five or more attempts to pass my 20 questions, because of the constant introduction of new sight-words. I'm not convinced it is the best way to memorise new material. It effectively introduces significant 'stepping' in the learning curve.

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