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  5. "I can drive a car."

"I can drive a car."

Translation:Je peux conduire une voiture.

January 17, 2013



knowing how to drive a car and being able to drive a car are two different things.


Agreed. They should not have two answers for this.


Am I correct that in normal, casual French one could say either "peux" or "sais" (about driving a car) depending on the circumstances? If one were to say: "Je peux conduire une voiture" they would be saying that there is no physical or mechanical impediment to their driving a car. ("I can drive a car. All of the cars in the lot are working properly!") Alternatively, if one were to say "Je sais conduire une voiture" they'd be indicating that they had the ability/know-how to drive a car. Is this right?


"Je peux dirige une voiture"?


The verb "diriger" is more about "steering" than it is "driving".


Why not un auto?


While knowing how to drive a car, and being able to drive a car, may be different, we certainly say "I can drive a car" to mean either of those things. Therefore, I think that "Je sais conduire une voiture" should be an acceptable translation.

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