"Du trinkst Getränke."

Translation:You are drinking beverages.

January 17, 2013

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Our programmers make sure that each learner has encountered a new word before he or she is tested on it. It tends to be the case that the human memory is a little less fallible than our programs. Also, "Getränke" has a dictionary hint. Note that if you are in the "test out" mode, you cannot peek.


I couldn't peek (see dictionary hint), I have not encountered this word before and I'm not in the test out mode.

[deactivated user]

    Seems to me approximately 0% of English speakers talk about beverages - they talk about drinks and Duolingo should see that "you are drinking drinks" is EXACTLY what this sentence means.


    So, why isn't "I drink a drink" accepted? Yes, I know it sounds a bit funny, but it didn't make it any less correct. I'll try again with, "I am drinking a drink" and see what happens.


    This showed up for me before I learned "Getränke" at all. How can I translate a word I haven't learned when hovering over it won't bring up the translations?


    You could use a dictionary. Or just do the exercise again. Now you know ;-)

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