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  5. "Kto to jest?"

"Kto to jest?"

Translation:Who is this?

February 19, 2016



Czy moze byc i "Who is he" albo "Who is she"? Dzieka


To zależy. dosłownie/literally nie, więc Duolingo może nie uznać, ae wydaje mi się że tak.

This is a question ( or "kto to był"), I ask when I greeted someone I do not recall.

psst it's dziękuję or dzięki where I live


raz napisalam "who is he" i Duolingo mi nie uznalo tego, temu sie pytam :) Dzieki


Is it supposed to sound like 'pt' at the start? The slower version pronounces the k.


No, it shouldn't - and I agree that it sounds like 'pt'.

Generally, there aren't really such surprises in Polish pronunciation. The only one is devoicing, but it happens at the end of words, not beginning. And it is not really conscious.


Would this follow the strange grammar laws of Polish? Or should the actual Polish sentence be "Kto jest to?"


No. The natural Polish sentence is: Kto to jest? or „A to kto jest?” (And who is that?)


Why wouldn't kto be kogo here? Is it because "this" isn't necessarily a subject?


Let's try to answer this question. Who is this? This is Adam.

And now you can realize that a sentence built as "This is Y" takes Y in Nominative. So "who" takes Nominative as well.


Can it be ...who is it?

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