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  5. "Spojrzałem na nią."

"Spojrzałem na nią."

Translation:I looked at her.

February 19, 2016



Is there a difference in meaning between Oglądać (Obejrzeć - perf) and Spoglądać (Spojrzeć - perf)?


Yes, a significant one. "spojrzeć" is just to take a look, it's a very short action. "obejrzeć" is used when you watch sth thoroughly, that is why it's for example used with movies: "obejrzeć film" (to watch the whole movie). You could say "Obejrzałem ją", but that would be something like "I examined her" (it may possibly be something that a doctor says).


Which word would you use if you were checking someone out, like at a bar?


The closest to 'checking out' is "obczajać" (perfective "obczaić"), but that's clearly quite colloquial ;) For less colloquial speech I guess "spojrzeć" (imperfective "spoglądać") works well.


Ogladać? OK, I knew that one. Obejrzeć? Spoglądać? Spojrzeć? I gotta start writing this stuff down.

Is there a Polish thesaurus somewhere on this site that I have somehow missed?


Here? No, I'm afraid not.

"obejrzeć" is perfective equivalent of "oglądać", "spojrzeć" is a perfective variant of "spoglądać".


Why is it "nią" here (Instrumental)? I thought it was either Locative or Accusative after "na" was used.


"nią" here is accusative. it can be instrumaental in other sentences. Tips are really misleading I am afraid wiktionary pronouns


Thanks. I was using https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Polish_pronouns as my reference and when you expand 3rd Person Pronouns it only shows nią against instrumental. That's twice I have found the English Wiktionary to be wrong compared to the Polish version.


I've been using this link too and it shows the correct declension for sg. fem. accusative now: "ją/nią". Maybe they've updated.


Dziękuję bardzo! Super pomocny.


"I've glanced at her"?


For a short glance the best option is "Zerknąłem/Zerknęłam", but close enough, added.


can I also say i was looking at her?


I think "patrzyłem" is better there


is patrzylem i have been looking?


What exactly is the difference between "patrzyć" and "patrzeć?" I've entered the past tense form of "patrzeć" before but it marked it as wrong because I didn't use the past tense form of "patrzyć."


They are both correct and mean exactly the same, but "patrzyć" is 20 times less common (well, that's 2001 data) and even Polish people may wonder if it's actually correct.

Interestingly, while "patrzeć" is more common than "patrzyć", the past forms of "patrzeć" (patrzał, patrzała) are a lot less common than those of "patrzyć" (patrzył, patrzyła).


My wife is polish and I've never once heard her use sporzyleć. It has always been patrzyc.


When i read the *«spojrz» part i just knew it was "look" somehoe by singing the „Sofía” song... "Bez twój spojrzenie, jestem bez twój spojrzenie" :D


"bez twojego spojrzenia" ;)


What's up with popatrzeć -> popatrzałem, would that make any sense here (from english to polish transalation I mean)? I mean there are at least 3-4 words already for what I know, that could mean in some way "to look" and every one of them has a perfective pair, it is starting to be more difficult than numbers were xD


It could work, however there's one fun thing about "popatrzeć": there is both "popatrzeć" and "popatrzyć", they mean exactly the same. I think that "popatrzyć" is more common, however what I'm sure of is that the forms coming from "popatrzyć" ("popatrzyłem" etc.) are definitely more common than the forms coming from "popatrzeć" ("popatrzałem" etc.).

So basically, "popatrzałem" is correct, but it's quite rare and actually I believe that many natives would think that it's a mistake and could correct you to "popatrzyłem".


I took a look at her. I think this should be accepted.


Definitely, I'm surprised it wasn't so far. Added now.


Ok, this is a new "looking" verb I don't recall seeing before. So... What is the difference between: patrzeć, oglądać, widzieć, zobaczyć and spojrzeć?

As far as I'm aware widzieć is "seeing", patrzeć is "looking", and oglądać is "watching", but I'm unsure of the last two. Can they be used interchangeably or have contextual/stylistic purposes like the English "stare", "gaze", "glance", "observe" etc?


"widzieć" is simple "to see", "patrzeć" is simple "to look at", "oglądać" is "to watch" (a movie), sometimes "to look at something closely", "to examine" (in a way), "to check something out". It's not the easiest verb to translate.

"zobaczyć" is generally "to see" but it denotes the moment you start seeing something, so it's kinda like "to notice", and it works very well with words like "suddenly" (Polish "nagle").

"spojrzeć" is a short "to look", so "to take a look" works perfectly for it.

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