"My sister is an engineer."

Translation:Moja siostra jest inżynierem.

February 19, 2016

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Some occupations do not have female "version". Short list (not complete): doktor, architekt, kierowca, elektryk, bokser, kanalarz, śmieciarz, piekarz.

sometimes (but is very rare) there is no male "version" f.e. przedszkolanka.


Why isn't "Moja siostra jest inżynierką" also correct? According to http://sjp.pwn.pl/poradnia/haslo/pisownia-skrotow;15912.html the word exists.


"Inżynierka" is not part of polish vocabulary yet. The dictionary, on which website you found the advice does not have it. There is a discussion about introduction of those words, and they are constructed correctly according to Polish word-building rules, but Prof. Bańko writes, that it should not be used in job application.

As I am "pani inżynier" myself I can tell you I have never used "inżynierka" or have someone address me with it, I can also tell you that right now "inżynierka" is student's word for Engineering Thesis.

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This is quite complicated thing.

The pure masculine form ("inżynierem") is the most widespread form in Polish.

One can also say "panią inżynier" if one wants to emphasize that one speaks about woman.

And there is a third form that is used primarily by politically left-wing people: "inżynierką". This form is not very popular and may sound a bit strange ("inżynierka" is also colloquialism for "engineer's thesis") but "not popular" does not mean "incorrect".

To conclude, IMHO, the correct answers should be:

-Moja siostra jest inżynierem

-Moja siostra jest panią inżynier

-Moja siostra jest inżynierką


the word shows up 15 times in NKJP, once meaning a female, also meaning engineering, engineers as a community, a genitive form of depreciating male"inżynierek", and engineer's thesis.

I checked all declension forms

inżynierki - 15 results ( 5 female genitive or plurals; 10 other)
inżynierce- 1 result, thesis
inzynierkę - 2 results, 1 thesis, 1 engineering
inżynierką- 1, result engineering
inżynierek- 9 results, 1 female, 8 depreciating male
inżynierkami - 3 results, all female

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And example of "inżynierka" usage from polish magazine for women "Wysokie Obcasy": http://www.wysokieobcasy.pl/wysokie-obcasy/10,96856,16592327,dorota-rogulska---inzynierka-w-katarze.html


Inżynierka is ok. And it is better indeed!


Interesting debate. Take away women's invisibility by creating a female form, or refusing to be ghettoized and refusing the female form, as many actresses do when they call themselves actors. Historically it makes sense for both cases. Engineers have not had a lot of females, and it rallies against their invisibility and even the "impossibility" of females as engineers. Actresses perhaps felt trivialized, not taken as seriously and not paid equivalent wages, leading to women not wanting to be marginalized and insisting on their craft as actors. Nothing to do with the price of kawy, but interesting.


The actor/actress debate raged for years, but you have described it well here.

Funny how 'doctress' would actually sound more demeaning to women rather than empowering.

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