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  5. "We are cold!"

"We are cold!"

Translation:Нам холодно!

February 19, 2016



@max.goncharuk Possibly because that would be "We're freezing". The meaning is The same, technically.


I'm not English native speaker and using "cold" everywhere :) Formally, "нам холодно" means that we can feel cold but our own temperature could be any from cold to hot; "ми змерзли" means that our own temperature is cold and sure we can feel cold. So, yes, there are some details technically but practically both has the same meaning without context.


I do not see much difference in the meanings. We also accept both "We are cold" and "We are freezing" for "Нам холодно." Therefore I have added "ми змерзли" too.

@max I suppose you are a native Ukrainian speaker. Please use the "Report problem" button to report missing translation variants not to clutter the discussion.


"Ми змерзли" = "We're freezing."

Also, you can use "зимно" >>> "Нам зимно." for "We're cold."

[deactivated user]

    Is this correct : 'Ми холодні' ? If yes, what's the difference with 'Нам холодно' ?

    [deactivated user]

      «Нам хо́лодно» means that 'we feel cold'. It literally means 'to_us, [it is] cold'. Our temperature is not actually low, it's the environment that is cold and we feel it.

      «Ми холо́дні» usually means 'we are unfriendly, we are frigid'. Here, our temperature (ofter used metaphorically to indicate friendliness) is actually low.

      English expresses these two meanings in the same way, but Ukrainian keeps them distinct. You use the impersonal «хо́лодно» + Dative to express that the cold is affecting someone, and you use the adjective «холо́дний» to express the idea that someone/something is characterised as being cold. Native speakers almost never confuse these things because they're very different for us.

      [deactivated user]

        That was a very clear answer. Thanks !


        "Ми змерзли" - no? Why?


        Ми змерзли means we are frozen

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