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  5. "Le ruote sono rumorose."

"Le ruote sono rumorose."

Translation:The wheels are noisy.

February 19, 2016



If they are your own, don't let them drive you crazy.


I used "tires" just to test DL. It didn't like it. But it should. If we're talking about a car, it would be a correct translation.


Not really. The wheel of a car is the whole assembly - housing, rim, and tire. The tire is just the rubber bit. And in any case there's nothing here that says this is a car - it could be a piece of machinery, or a cart.


But if you think about what you're hearing as a car goes by, it's the tires.


A plane has wheels. Rickshaws have wheels. Carts have wheels. Wagons have wheels. Suitcases can have wheels. Many things have wheels that don't have tires.

Wheel and tire are two different words for two different things. You are probably over thinking this by creating scenarios that don't exist in the context of the sentence.


Your translation is unfortunately too specific for DL, but being specific when describing car problems is a good habit in any language - very appreciated, by me anyway, or anyone else on the other end of a phone trying to understand a problem!


Them low profile 22s.

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