"Второй текст более сложный, зато короткий."

Translation:The second text is more difficult but, on the other hand, short.

February 19, 2016



The second text is more difficult, but shorter?

April 8, 2017


Can "зато" be translated as "Even though" or "although". This is how the sentence makes sense to me: The second text is more complex even though it is short

February 19, 2016

[deactivated user]

    I think 'although' is closer to «хотя́».

    There's a subtle difference in meaning between «хотя́» and «зато́». «Зато́» usually introduces a positive thing that is in contrast with the initial message. A possible translation is 'to make up for it/this': 'The second text is more difficult but, to make up for this, short.'

    February 19, 2016


    You should be able to use but it's essentially it's the same thing

    April 20, 2017


    Is it wrong to translate 'зато' only with 'but'. It was suggested as a translation for the word, but using only this in the entire translation was marked as wrong.

    October 15, 2017


    Unsure of how free a translation was required/allowed, I wrote "the second text is more difficult, on the other hand it is short" (normally I'd have used a semicolon, but DL ignores punctuation). I wasn't sure if I'd get dinged for inserting "but", and the sentence works without it, so I didn't. It should be optional - no "but"s about it. ))

    June 25, 2018


    I wrote: although short , instead of : but on the other hand short . Is it not the same?

    August 6, 2018


    Who uses comparative in one clause and not in the other? This is a gotcha question. Disgusting.

    February 20, 2019


    There's nothing disgusting at all about that (educated native English speaker here). It's perfectly OK.

    However, I'd be strongly inclined to say "...it's short", because the main verb ("is") does not distribute well across a "but" conjunction with an added parenthetical clause.

    However, the given text should be accepted. It's awkward, but literal, and shows comprehension of the Russian.

    February 20, 2019
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