"Ydw, dw i wedi mynd i'r parti."

Translation:Yes, I have gone to the party.

February 19, 2016

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Sometimes English simple past is accepted, sometimes not. Is that how it works, or should "Yes, I went to the party." be accepted here?


Surely went and have gone are equivalent?


Try adding 'yesterday' or 'now' to the verb and you will see the difference. She went to the party yesterday = simple past (we don't say 'She's gone to the party yesterday) She's gone to the party now = present perfect (we don't say 'She's gone to the party yesterday')


They are different tenses in both English and Welsh:

  • dw i wedi mynd - I have gone (present perfect tense)
  • es i - I went (simple past tense)


Probably; many other languages do not make the distinction, whether at all or less than English.


I don't know. It seems that "have gone" is "wedi mynd" for the most part and Welsh has other ways to say "went"...


This is so clumsy in English


It makes sense if you think of it in the context of a phonecall with your friend: "Where have you gone?"
"I have gone to the party"

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