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  5. "Hvor mange dollars har du?"

"Hvor mange dollars har du?"

Translation:How many dollars do you have?

February 19, 2016



pierocasamia - In English English it is perfectly acceptable to say '...have you?' in questions similar to this one. 'Have you a pen?' would also be correct. As for 'pants', they are 'trousers'. 'Pants' are something entirely different this side of the drink. I could go on, but won't.........


good to know the dollar is taught before the actually useful (and different form English word) kroner!


Maybe "How much money do you have?" would have been much more interesting to translate instead of dollars.


"Hvor mange penge har du?" Not much different. :)


now this is just plain weird, abandoning the danish rule for plurals and just tacking an s on the end of dollar...


It's such a nice rule, no? :)

Danish does that with English foreign words: dollars, sandwiches, chatrooms, skateboards, and so on. If you give them an -er plural, it sounds more like old folk's talk. (Except sandwicher. Sandwicher make you happy, so it's okay.)

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