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  5. "Dych chi'n hoffi Canada?"

"Dych chi'n hoffi Canada?"

Translation:Do you like Canada?

February 19, 2016



Ydw! Mae hi'n iawn glân, a pwtin mae'n blasus.


"While poutine is a dish unique to Eastern Canada (Montreal and Ottawa), the concoction of French fries covered in cheese curds and (for no apparent reason) gravy, clearly deciphers Canadian culture. First, heart-blocking poutine is the easiest explanation for Canada's adoption of universal health care coverage. I'm pretty sure I'm still digesting the poutine I had in May 2006. Poutine also serves as a sedative, making you so drowsy and serene you find yourself saying 'a-boot' instead of 'about'. The extra pounds you immediately gain help shield you against the bitter climate. The irrational love of hockey still remains a mystery to me, but I'm convinced it has something to do with poutine." --Jim Gaffigan, Food: A Love Story


The real irrationality is the fact that everybody else doesn't love hockey as much as Canada xD

I mean, how crazy do you have to be to not love the game?


Right??? Fastest game on the planet. 22 people zipping around on ice with blades on their feet with full body contact. Doesnt get better!


Mae hi'n lân iawn, ac mae pwtin yn flasus.


The Duolingo robot lady always seems to have a slight catch in her throat when she says "Canada". Some sad memory? A love lost?


Why is Canada just Canada? Why not yr Canada, so it is hoffi'r?


Not all countries take the article. Cymru, Lloegr, Iwerddon, Sbaen, Ffrainc, Sweden, Norwy, Denmarc, Rwsia, etc do not take it and it would be incorrect to use it. Some do, like yr Alban, yr Eidal, yr Almaen, y Ffindir, yr Ynys Las, y Swistir, etc . Some occasionally have genitive constructions as names: Gwlad yr Iâ (Iceland), Gwlad Pwyl (Poland).

You just need to learn each one as you encounter them.


Thank you. I cannot believe that, after years of seeing Wales in Welsh it hadn't clicked it wasn't a "the" word. Thanks also for the heads up about the "land of..." for those countries too.


Ydw. Dw i'n byw yno.

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