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  5. "Mae eisiau cymorth arna i."

"Mae eisiau cymorth arna i."

Translation:I need help.

February 19, 2016



Could this be translated, "I want assistance"?


Are Cymorth and the irish Cabhair related?


Is there a special reason that this expression is written "Mae eisiau cymorth arna i," rather than "Dw i eisiau cymorth," or "Rhaid i i cymorth"? Diolch.


Slightly different levels of formality. Welsh has a number of registers from slang to highly literary, and the register usually taught to beginners on the Welsh Government sponsored schemes tends to follow a middle path.

  • Dw i eisiau cymorth - (I want some help) - commonly used in the usual colloquial register.
  • Mae eisiau cymorth arna i or Mae arna i eisiau cymorth is slightly more more formal but still commonly used and worth being familiar with.

A different pattern and meaning:

  • Rhaid i mi/fi helpu - I [need to/must] help


dw i eisiau cymorth = I want help

rhaid i mi/fi... = I have to + verb, not I need + noun.

(For example, mae eisiau ateb arna i = I need an answer; rhaid i mi ateb = I need to answer.)


Thanks for your clear explanations. And thanks for picking up my "mi/fi" mistake!

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