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'Strengthen skills' not working

Yesterday I tried to strengthen one particular skill in my swedish tree (Adj. 1, the only weak one at the moment) and I kept getting the same exercises over and over. At the end of the session the skill kept one bar empty. Today I tried again and the same problem is happening. That also happened with Esperanto with the Clothing skill. The skills are usually strengthened after a couple os exercises but for these two skills I did more than 40 exercises and they are still weak (and giving mostly the same exercises every time).

PS1: Tested again with esperanto clothing skill today (21/02) and the problem is still happening. I think they will only see this on monday but logging this in case it is useful info.

PS2. I think it is fixed (23/02). It gave me mostly same sentences but at the end the skill was stronger.

February 19, 2016



Also having the same problem with Present Tense 1 on the Welsh Language tree. No matter how many times you do the refresher lesson the strength bars never fill.


I hope Luis von Ahn will take note!


I'm having the same issue with my Russian course :( any luck?


No. I think they will only solve this after monday.

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I think there was some problem with Duolingo because I had a lot of problems with my practicing and settings. I hope they have solved it.


I was able to level up a few skills, then it stopped working again. I wonder if there's a daily cap or something?


Perhaps they are testing some new approach to skill strengthening. That is probably a very complex routine.


I too am having the same problem with Welsh, Present Tense 1.


There is a problem. Had a fallow fortnight; skill strengthening reappeared sporadically five days ago; now disappeared again. Frustrating is an understatement! Baxendake0


I have the same issue with my French course, Infinitive 3 doesn't work


I've had the same problem for three days in my Turkish tree. None of my skills are strengthening, not through 'Strengthen skills' on the home page and not through 'Strengthen this skill' on each individual skill page.


Mine is working today.


Baxendale0 Still unable to make any headway as 'practice' function has apparently insuperable problems. Has anyone any suggestions how to regain access? Have repeatedly reported 'bug' problem, but to no avail!


Have you tried redoing every lesson in the skill? The skill I was strengthening finally leveled back up after I did lesson 4 in it, so I wonder if there was a specific word in it I needed to get right.

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