"A penguin drinks wine."

Translation:Pingwin pije wino.

February 20, 2016

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We just learned that only "most" animals drink water, right?


Happy Feet After-party


Pingwin jest naprany?


That's a word I have never heard... Wiktionary says it's regional in Silesia :D


It is a word used by my elderly father-in-law who lives in Oświęcim, so you could very well be right. I realise now it is vulgar and inappropriate for an educational forum such as this. Apologies if I caused any offence. I would be interested to hear of the origins of the word though, if anyone knows any more detail.


The number of idioms connected with being drunk is veeery big. One is "na**ny jak Messerschmitt". There isn't much logic to such phrases, I'd say ;)


"Bezlotek" not accepted. Doesn't that mean "penguin" too?


I have never heard or seen that word in my life. It seems that yes, you're right, but also I'm not sure if it makes sense to accept it, if that's something that's not really in common use...

When I googled it, I expected it to be some joking word, but Wikipedia mentions it as well...


I should explain. In a beginners' Polish language class a few years ago, the teacher told us that "bezlotek" was the (a?) word for "penguin". It struck me then as an odd name for a species because it sounded more like a description ("flightless") than a name. That might be why I remembered it.

If the word is so rarely used that you didn't know it, then I had better scrub it from my already small vocabulary. My apologies.


What are you apologizing for? I learned something new about my native language :D

Yes, the name is descriptive, so it would be understood as a flightless bird, but then there are other such birds than penguins, so that doesn't seem obvious.



One online dictionary said the term is "formal and dated".

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