"Quale cappello è il tuo?"

Translation:Which hat is yours?

January 17, 2013

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Maybe it is just me, but can you hear the difference between cappello and capello on here?


You're right, there's really no distinction between double and single letters on here. Which is wrong, there should be a distinct difference. Also rsc55 is right, hair is capelli. Capello isn't a word. But yes, you're right about the pronunciation. Unfortunately if we were going to report it every time we heard it, we'd be reporting nearly every question :P


I can't really speak in this particular case (because I haven't heard capello said by this computer speaker)...

But in my past experience of Italian, the way I always heard the difference between double and single consonants in Italian was in the sound of the preceding vowel (not in the sound of the actual consonant/s). The vowel always sounded longer to me with a single consonant.


Cappello - "cap - pel - lo" (very short first vowel)

Capello - "ca - pel - lo" (long first vowel compared to above)


Sorry, I just realised what I said about "capello" not being a word was misinformed. I think it's the word for one strand of hair, I'm not sure.


Do you mean capelli? capelli is hair on your head.


Why can't it be "which is your hat?"


I wrote the same exact translation, why do you said that I used the wrong word? I don't appreciate that Quale capello è il tuo?


Is "Quale cappello è tuo?" correct as well? To ignore il here?


I misheard "suo" instead of tuo :-(


Omg really? marked wrong cause of a misspelling? Honestly...


I have translated "Which one hat is yours?" Is it wrong? DL did not accept it.


Don't get duolingo logic in recognizing spelling mistakes, it seems pretty random to me. Sometimes it's correct...sometimes it's not. Not talking about the same example, but just the "severity" of errors..

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