"Chłopiec rysuje różowego psa."

Translation:The boy is drawing a pink dog.

February 20, 2016

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One more Duo apostrophe recognition error:

Duo accepted "The boy's drawing a pink dog" but claimed I "missed a space" in "boy's".


Added "The boy's drawing...".


I guess this happens in the reordering word exercise. It seems they simply concatenate each word in answer and join them with a space ([the], [boy], [is] is joint to form [the boy is]; with the same logic, [the] [boy] ['s] becomes [the boy 's])

I guess Duo has already known about this problem but as it isn't stopping correct answers get accepted, they aren't prioritizing fixing it.


Why is it "różowego" here? Apparently the accusative form can be either that or "różowy". How do you know when to use each?


In Accusative, for masculine nouns, it matters whether the noun is animate or not.

Animate nouns have their form identical to the Genitive one, inanimate are identical to the Nominative one.

A dog, being an animal, is animate, so the right form is "różowego psa".

The animate/inanimate distinction matters only for masculine nouns in Accusative, nowhere else.


Ah, the animate/inanimate thing. Yes, I've read about that elsewhere. Thank you for clarifying.

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