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  5. "Szukam długiej książki."

"Szukam długiej książki."

Translation:I am looking for a long book.

February 20, 2016



I once found a pdf called "Polish grammar in a nutshell"

It had 187 pages


But as it was a grammar compiled in a nutshell, it was apparently shortened for brevity's sake. I guess that a more profound introduction to Polish grammar would possibly be published in several volumes.


I am looking for a thick book. ?? . A vidio or film is long or short. A book is thin or thick.


Well, it's not literally, physically long, but it refers to the fact that it has a lot of pages, there's a lot to read, and it will take a lot of time to read it. It sure works perfectly fine in Polish, and I don't expect it's weird in English...


Book are long and short in English. Totally normal. Actually, thick and thin would be weird unless you were describing physical appearance.


A thick book and a long story.


A long story in a thick book.


And a long story.


This sentence does not make any sense for me


Not a big reader?


I read this sentence as "I am looking for a longer book" vs just a "long book". If that's incorrect then how would you say that? Thanks


"Szukam dłuższej książki."


Why is this genitive and not accusative?


szukać takes a genitive object. Maybe since "of" is genitive in English, we can think of it as meaning "to be in search of"


I agree with the comments. I have not heard of a long book. 'Short' and 'long' are usually used for stories.


Agreed Sue. Very weird English translation! Thick book, long story.


Neither of our native contributors have a problem with 'long book' and there are also plenty of examples in the corpus.

Besides, on a kindle, would 'War and Peace' still be a thick book?


I would say Im reading a long story on the kindle. To me, and my fellow English teacher collegues wouldnt use the term - unless qualified like- 'It really is a long book to read. If it is on it's own it tends to mean that the actual physical book is long. Eg.The book is too long to fit on the shelf.


I would only use 'story' if it were, for example, one story within a book, like a book of short stories or a collection of fairytales. 'A long book' is completely normal to me, though 'thick' would also be natural for me, if describing its physical size.

I would suggest that 'tall' is more likely for a book that doesn't fit on a shelf, since 'long' isn't usually used for height. Unless the books are lying down and it's a very narrow shelf!


Oh, like "introduction to Polish Grammar"?


"I seek a long book"?

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