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"They include you."

Vertaling:Zij tellen jou mee.

December 26, 2013

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Is it possible to use "bevatten" here or isn't it normally used for groups of people?

December 26, 2013


You mean: 'Zij bevatten jou'? That's kind of a weird sentence. It would probably either mean 'they contain you' or 'they understand you', but no-one would ever use 'bevatten' this way. 'Bevatten' is used in sentences like these where it means 'to contain':

  • De fles bevat melk - The bottle contains milk
  • De doos bevat een hamer - The box contains a hammer
  • De pan bevat vijf gehaktballen - The pan contains five meatballs
  • De groep bevat zes personen - The group contains six people

This doesn't work for unquantified people:

  • De groep bevat jou - The group contains you

sound kind of weird in Dutch. It's better to make such a sentence active:

  • Jij behoort tot de groep - You belong to the group
  • Jij zit in de groep - You belong to the group

'Bevatten' can also mean 'to understand', 'to get' or 'to comprehend' usually when something is so large or so small it's impossible for you to comprehend or when you're surprised/astonished about something:

  • € 30.000.000 gewonnen.. Ik kan het gewoon niet bevatten - (I've) won € 30.000.000.. I just can't comprehend it.
  • Je hebt dát allemaal voor mij gedaan? Ik kan het gewoon niet bevatten - You've done all these things for me? I just can't comprehend it.
  • Ik kan niet bevatten dat zij hem vermoorde - I (just) can't get that she killed him
December 26, 2013


Thanks, that's very helpful. So is "de groep bevat zes personen" a common thing to say or is it on the edge of becoming weird?

December 26, 2013


That is indeed on the edge of becoming weird. A more common way of saying it is "De groep bestaat uit zes personen" :)

December 26, 2013


OK, thanks. I think I got it.

December 26, 2013


It is a little bit weird, but it is possible. You can say better: Er zijn zes personen in de groep - There are six people in the group.

Sorry for weird English, I'm Dutch.

September 18, 2014
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