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In France, do "blancs" and "blonds" sound similar?

It's easy for me to hear the difference when listening to québecois or franco-ontarian speakers, but not so much with Duofemmebot. Are my ears not finely attuned enough, or are "blancs" and "blonds" homophones in "Parisian" french?

June 5, 2012



The vowel sounds in both words are nasal and they are distinct sounds. The only difference in how they are pronounced is based on the positioning of your mouth. The "an" sound is produced with a relaxed, slightly lowered jaw, whereas the "on" sound is produced by pursing your lips. In both cases you are pushing the air through your nose.


I learnt French French rather than Canadian French and it took me a long time to get used to the computer voice. It has improved in the last few weeks. I think Blond and Blanc should sound different.

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