Anybody out there interested in Korean lessons on DuoLingo?

December 26, 2013

296 Comments will probably be added to the incubator at some point

Im hyped for the reversed course. Learning Spanish is not really me,

I feel you lol

Bummer. Korean needs to happen!

Agreed! Or at least a timeline for it would be encouraging.

I am glad to hear that you all are interested in learning Korean! We on the Korean team have been working hard for months to get the EN for KR course out of Beta. Once out of Beta, we hope to get the go-ahead to start on the reverse course.

In order to graduate from Beta our team must sustain a report rate of less than 3 reports per 100 users for two weeks. This past week our report rate fell below 3 for three consecutive days before shooting back up to 3.3. We have come a long way, but we still have months of work ahead of us.

I would strongly discourage you all from using the EN for KR course to learn Korean. The course is just not optimized for English speakers. Frustrated English speakers tend to bombard us with error reports, slowing us down and keeping the course stuck in Beta.

Yay! Thanks so much for some feedback!! I have introduced this course to a friend's daughter that wants to speak English more, and I saw that it's a bit unusual when she had to write answers in Korean, she had to think a bit before answering. Good luck with the final stretch!

I understand what you mean. Had I helped develop the EN for KR course, I would have done things differently. Unfortunately, I did not join the team until after the course had entered Beta and by then it was too late to make any meaningful changes. All we can do now is improve on the current EN for KR course and hope that the same mistakes are not made in the future.

As of today, our report rate has fallen to 3.1 reports per 100 users.

Update: Our report rate has risen above 3 only twice over the last two weeks. We are so close to graduating! Yesterday our report rate was 2.18.

We just graduated from Beta!

The Korean Team has yet to get the go-ahead to start on the reverse course. This may be due to technical problems. We have also yet to hear of any plans to develop a Tree 2.0 for the EN for KR speakers course.

On a positive note, Duolingo has recently given the Korean Team permission to recruit more contributors!

The Korean for English speakers course is finally in the Incubator!

I think we may be hearing some news in the coming weeks...

Woohoo!!! So excited to hear that!!


Really looking forward the reverse course!

I've been learning korean for 3 years, but have always wanted to learn korean through duolingo! I would really love if it could be apart of this site. If there is any help i can give, please let me know =D

Thanks for the information, and thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks for the update, it's good to hear this is moving along. And good advice asking to not use English for Koreans anymore.

Thank you. Please make it happen (KR for EN)! I need to learn the language of my lover!

Glad to se Beta Korean available started this past Fall 2017.

Soon along with some other languages

I also wish that Duolingo team will offer Korean lessons soon. I already know how to read and write hangul and I just want to learn more about it. ㅇㅅㅇ

I am SUPER SUPER INTERESTED in Korean lessons. I live in Korea and really need to practice, and this is a really easy and fun way to do it.

Yes, but I can wait. It'll come eventually via the incubator. I gotta focus on German for now anyway.:)

It would be amazing if they added Korean sometime! I love talktomeinkorean for grammar, but Duolingo's setup that reinforces vocab is something that I could REALLY use!

Please add it to the incubator soon~

while your waiting for the Korean lessons to come out (maybe a while) try learning the Korean alphabet because you will get NO-WHERE if you don't learn it also it can be learn't within a day and mastered within a week!

I agree with you, and already can read and write Hangul. Just need LOTS of practice with vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. Pretty much everything :)

YESSS! Dying to! My mother's side are all south korean so I, born in America, don't know korean. Although not many people would want to know korean (since it isn't in Europe, there is only one country that uses it, and it's next to one of the world's most hated dictators) Korean culture is spreading fast with k-pop. Korean culture is really cool though! Korean barbecue is AMAZING!

I don't think Duolingo will be adding it for sometime. It might be one of the last added languages to the site. But adding Korean would be cool.

+1 to having Korean in Duolingo. For now we can use English for Korean speakers in Duolingo (assuming you know Hangul already).

Korean would be amazing.

I really want to learn Korean and Duolingo is the best way possible.

I am super interested. I already know the Hungul alphabet and how to read and write the characters, and I tried 'learning English in Korean' on your website, but that actually seems like a step back :) Please offer Korean soon! I love learning new languages, but Korean is my real passion. It's just very hard to find a site that can help :)

omg people she is right help her and me along with many others out there

Hopefully soon? That is the main reason I joined this site, but learning German while I wait. I told my wife to help contribute because she is S. Korean.

I am quite interested in a Korean course. My background is Korean, and I want to learn more about my language.

I can't believe that Duolingo is offering swahili and Kligon before Japanese, Chinese and Korean. WTF is this? xD

My thoughts exactly.

Yes!! Please add korean!

Glad there's so much support for Korean. I'd love for this to become a reality!!!

Going to the 2018 Winter Olympics and would like to know it before then :)

yes! my daughter just married a Korean, and wants to learn it

This post has just been pointed out to me by someone else - in relation to another issue, so I just thought I would also add - to all you WONDERFUL people , who have been looking forward to Koren, that the course for Korean native learning English is now in Beta stage 2 - which means you can engage in this tree in its testing phase here : .

And this is all a step closer for the reverse course being able to be developed. So things are progressing !

Korean is awesome!

If you can't wait for DuoLingo to offer it, is really awesome for learning the grammar!

thanks for posting the website!!

But... Duolingo is the best after all hahah

I love Duolingo for Irish! I can't find anything near as effective. I do enjoy TTMIK (Talk to me in Korean) for Korean. I learn more than just the vocabulary or how to say it, but also the why's behind it. They accompany video, audio, and pdf lessons together to immerse you in the language and culture in a way I haven't seen any other group of teachers do.

Of course, now I'd like to drill down on the vocab a bit more, where TTMIK doesn't really have a great platform for that. But still TTMIK, is excellent at what they do. I'll dig my brain into any form of learning that I can.

I'm curious how the Korean lessons will be presented at Duolingo. I'm sure it'll be a great accompaniment to places like TTMIK.

oh and aja means 화이팅 or good luck in korean 아자 아 자

Yes, I came to this site a year or so ago looking for Korean but no luck. If anyone is interested in merely expanding their vocabulary and not on all of the other stuff the game 'Influent' on steam is an interesting way to walk through a 3D environment in first person perspective and learn the names and some associated words for common objects. It's much more simplistic in terms of teaching style than this site though so if you're interested I would strongly recommend you check out some actual game footage to make sure it's what you're after.

Yes please to Korean!!!!

I want to learn Korean so much.

I'm very intrested

Anybody know if there is someone working on the Korean language on the incubator?

Yes Please....When will this be done?

Set to release on August 17th, 2017!

Hey Duolingo folks! Your app is awesome. Everyone loves it. I think it's time to get a a Korean for English speakers project going, don't you think? Thanks!

I've resorted to trying to find a native speaker online and becoming penpals because there aren't many decent resources online to learn it like this.

Hey, do you know about They're a good way to learn progressively, and this book was a gift from a Korean friend and I found it to be reeeally good: MAGIC KOREAN: Mastering Korean Beginners. It teaches words and then gives dialogue to see how to use it. The conversation gets more Korean with each chapter. It's the best alternative I have found for learning Korean so far. I hope this helps you!

I am I have Korean exchange student this year and I want to speak to her in Korean

Yes, yes, yes, I need to learn Korean and am using TTMIK, but duolingo would be so much easier to do consistently.

Guys when it going to have Korean lang? Cuz i cant wait

YES PLEASE add a Korean course. I love watching Korean drama, and I really want to learn to understand and speak Korean. PLEASE add a korean course. Thanks!

I hope to see Korean lessons soon!

Yes I would love to learn Korean

Yes please please please!

I want to learn Korean because I love watching K-Dramas and listening to Korean songs

I really hope they'll add Korean

That would be amazing, x

Would love to see Korean added to DL! I learnt it during primary school in Australia and have recently picked the language up again. Any timeline on when this might happen?

yes please i already know hangul but i need to learn how to use the language!!!!!

yes please i would love to one day visit the great leader <3

Korean for English speakers is in the Incubator, and is in Alpha testing stage. No idea how long until it reaches Beta, but, a Korean course will definitely be a thing!

Hope this done in my lifetime. :)

I really appreciate that a Korean module was developed for Duolingo, and have enjoyed practicing for many days now. My one concern is that some of the romanization of Korean phonetics is imprecise. For example, 우 sounds phonetically like "oo". But, 우 is romanized in Duolingo as "u" which can be misleading, since "u" can sound like "oo", but also "uh" or "you', depending on the specific English word. I think the early alphabet modules would be stronger if the phonetics were a little more precise. Peace, and good luck to all you Korean learners!

lolz i'm from korea i'm in Canada since 2 years ago though :P

고, 미스코리아!!!

i can teach korean :P my nationatlity is korea and i'm just fine with talking, writing and all that other stuff in hangul. Aja to the rest of u!

That is awesome! Please join the volunteer team of Duolingo!!!

Sure how? If I can i will.

Oops will if i can XD

Please join the volunteer team! I'd love to learn Korean

omg can u teach me i need lessons

To start with, Korean has a different alphabet to the Latin one, so there is the fun of learning that. And it is so much more logical than our Latin alphabet, and how we use our Latin alphabet to describe sounds.
So far the best resource I have found for that is a combination of this memrise course ,
Combined with the notes I have taken as I have gone through my Korean language learning journey. You can check out the beginning of my notes by clicking here.

The other free resource I have found useful so far is manga Though it operates I believe only through apps or IOS apple system. I have been able to engage in the elementary levels for Korean - which I recommend checking out.

Also Usagiboy7 has also started a discussion as an Alpha Tester for Korean I can highly recommend following that.

Currently I am using Learning English from Korean here on Duolingo as a further engagement to my Korean studies, that I commenced a bit over a week ago.

I wish you all the best on this most interesting endeavor :D

I started doing the Basic Korean course on Coursera - it is free. They have two Korean courses both are 6 weeks I think.

Thank you. I look forward to checking them out !

And what's your opinion now about that course? Are you able to follow the reverse Korean tree on Duolingo? I plan to do that.

Did you try the new Korean course?

Please join You can volunteer by going to the incubator on duolingo

Is there anyway you could teach me? I'm very interested in learning the language!

I'm really looking forward to this ^_^

me im interested


I am very interested! Are they working on this?

Of course! I totally agree with you. I really admire those actors and actresses in South Korea. I can't wait to learn Korean when I ever have the chance to go there.

Yeah! Most importantly, I'm learning for RUNNING MAN! ;)

yes, i wanna learn korean!

Me. The language in Korean sounds so facinating

I am probably going to go to Korea for education so I need to learn it.

yes please! Can't wait for this to happen. I have been using English for Korean speakers, but it just doesnt cut it

REALLY WANT KOREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i would love there to be a korean class on here

Most definitely me and a co-worker!

please!!!! I want to learn before high school

I need this nowwww

i want learn corean because i take class in a corean school but i want practice with Duolingo

I'm very interested in that!

I don't see it in the incubator... (sniff sniff!) but I think so many of the people working here would love to learn it in such an easy way for sure!!

Yes, PLSSS make a Korean lesson on Duolingo!!!! :D

I would love to learn Korean!

I love Korean! I wish Duolingo had it

i am very interested

I would like to learn Korean!

Yes, Korean is really interesting to hear and I really so do want to learn it!!

Very interested!

DuoLingo really helps me and Korean has always been what I wanted to learn most.

Still patiently waiting for korean

Can't wait when it is ready!

I was very disappointed when I could not find a Korean for English Speakers course on the Language Courses page. Please make a Korean course on Duolingo!

I am extremely interested in learning Korean on Duolingo. I plan on going to Korea in 2 years and it has been extremely helpful with teaching me Spanish. I hope it can do the same with Korean

Yes! Absolutely!

Will Duolingo have the version of Korean for English speakers?

The dream for duolingo is to have language courses for as many languages as there can be - as far as I can see. This of course is only my opinion.
It is amazing how it has grown in such a short time. And on such limited resources. Of course the reason it has been able to achieve this - is because of the volunteer, unpaid work that its users contribute.
We are indebted to the huge workload that occurs behind the curtain by the staff that run this site.
We are indebted to the enormous effort and hours so many contributors have put into these course, and the courses now are being produced by volunteers. This is how we have been able to have such a blossoming of a huge number of courses. We owe a huge debt to these people. And also the moderators who provide their time for free to help shape the friendly and learning environment - not infrequently under attack by some very unpleasant situations. For the functioning of our environment - it would not be possible without the service that these people do. And also of course to all of us language learners - who are the reason that this resource has been provided. It is us though that need to accept the responsibility of gratitude for the amazing resource we are able to enjoy for free.
Bringing our kindness and support to this environment is the payment of greatest value to allow this site to continue.

So in short - yes - there will be Learning Korean for English speakers, as soon as the resources available from within duolingo, and by the volunteer teams that build these course.

Thank you for the information provided. And of course all volunteers hard works are very appreciated. I would love to be part of the volunteer team if I can help in anything. Please let me know!

Thanks for the update. You guys are amazing!

I would love to learn Korean. Have had many toughs about that since I'm of Korean decent but don't speak it at all and haven't found any decent app to help me with my studies :) english ->korean would be awesome

Any update on this?

Yes, I'm so down for that.

i know a guy who really wants to learn KOREAN AND JAPANESE



I am!! I hope it will be available soon, I want to get a Masters in North Korean studies, possibly at Korea University in Seoul, but I will need to have a basic knowledge of the language.

Yes! Please add Korean, I really want to teach English there, but I don't speak any Korean.

Can someone please help contribute to make Korean an available language to learn.

I would love to help, but I don't think I have enough time. So sorry!

Yes can we please soon get it!!

I am interested in Korean

I'm interested too!

Have they made this yet?

Yes please- a Korean course would be brilliant!! Free site--133 lessons so far -- good way to learn grammar basics

YES PLEASE... I can read and write, but I only know a few words speaking-wise.

I am so happy Korean is finally going to be added to duolingo~ Does anyone know an estimated date for it's release?

YAY!!! They're finally working on it!

Yes, i would love to learn Korean, it is probably my favorite language out there so i want to learn it so bad. Duolingo claims that it is the best language learning app but they do not even have all the common languages which really suck.

yes very much so

I'm interested! :)

You bet your cookies!

I would love to learn Korean

Me Me Me ....^_^

I really want to learn it so I can read these comics from this all Korean app


How do I become an Alpha Tester??!!!!


Taking the reverse course is not an efficient way to study Korean. In order to teach English concepts, the Korean used is often unnatural. There are all kinds of free resources on the web, as well as some reasonably priced sites that are excellent.

Talk to Me in Korean


Howto study Korean

Rocket Korean

A good, free place to start is Youtube.!korean-alphabet/cvel

Sure, it is fun to learn so many language. Korean too!

k t[p[mohtjmbimnjjulu

yasss, I have been looking everywhere to get Korean lessons.


I love duolingo and really want to learn korean. Been doing the French and I love it because that's 100% my learning still. My boyfriend is korean and I can't wait for you guys to release it. Happy to be a tester!

Im interested!!! I really want to learn it!

yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg yes


Yes. I've been waiting for this project to finish. Aja!

Please doulingo put out korean!!!

When will Korean for Duolingo be ready? :) We ex-pats living in Korea would sure love to have something to learn on Duolingo for Korean! Even just a few starter lessons. What's nice about Duolingo is that it follows the same format of lessons for all languages, so picking up Korean after doing a few other languages would be easier.

I would want it, and thai language too

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          Yes i am interested to learn lesson Korean on duoLingo.

          Yeah i have a friend that speaks a little. i'm intrested.

          I would love to be a student in your first trial phase, if possible. Excited the the first official release is in April 17.

          I would love to be a trial student also

          [deactivated user]

            I would like to be an Alpha tester for Korean :)


            I also would like to be an alpha tester for Korean. I know maybe 30% of the language.

            [deactivated user]

              I fell Korean is not really supported here


              i always wanted to learn korean on duolingo :)


              riuhdfbxamr2jhcgkhjdbvguxrydgfdvdfvdv YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH PLSSSSSS FAST I NEED IT


              i really really want learn korean


              I really want to learn Korean. Im obsessed with Korean culture. I have been trying to teach myself Korean for the past 2 years, and i only now the basics like hi, bye, and thank you. I really need the help of Duolingo and its amazing teaching ability to help me. I know there are also a lot of people out there who would love to see Korean become a part of Duolingo.


              Yes. Although my family is from Korea, I don't really know how to speak in Korean and write in Korean. I need help!


              Please God let this happen.


              I am interested in learning korean


              meeeeeeeeee i will loveeee to learn!!!!!!!


              is this busan korean or an other one


              Yes, I would like Korean to be my next language!


              ich habe eine frage wieso hat es kein ton? das man die aussprache hören kann


              yes i really want to learn korean


              I want to learn korean so badly, is there anyone who can teach me??? :D


              Marwa, it's already available here on Duolingo. The course is in beta (so still has some mistakes and other problems) but you can join it.


              Marwa, you need to determine how "badly" you want to learn in terms of time and money, and exactly what you mean by "learn." What is your purpose? Duoling provides an introduction to the language. With a focused hour every day, you might be able to complete the DL course in 4 months, with the necessary review to keep your tree "golden" while progressing. Of course this depends on your typing speed, your power of concentration, and your memory. But at the end of that time you will have learned less than 2000 words. You would be able to "get along" in Korea--use their transport, order food in a restaurant, make retail purchases, and carry on limited conversations relative to family, health, the weather, family, hobbies, etc, and would understand maybe about 1/2 of most song lyrics and drama dialogue. If you are in the position of Micheal (below) needing the language to keep a job, and needing it in a hurry, you should consider more formal lessons, expending multiple hours per day studying and paying for instruction. If finances are an issue, you might use in conjunction with DL. (DL is more fun, but you will learn the grammar faster and in greater depth on the "how to" site, plus learning about 4000 words over the course of 133 lessons ( a number that will likely increase before you finish.) For more resources to investigate, check out the following post:


              The Duolingo Korean course is not so good, I doubt I'll be able to get basic conversation once I've finished. What do you think? Is it possible as with the other courses?


              Buy the book Fluent Forever and follow the instructions. You can be fluent in a year or maybe less.


              looking for a korean guidance


              Start by reading the posts in the various discussions relative to Korean. There are lots of suggestions for supplemenary study. (including on this page)


              Yes, im very interested because i will be going to korea in a few months and i want to be prepared


              This is a very old discussion. Korean lessons have been available on DL for well over a year. However, if you really want to "be prepared", DL is not the place for a fast "crash course. If you are on a low budget there are excellent free courses online from Talk to me in Korean and How to Learn Korean. For a very reasonable fee there is Rocket Korean and Korean Class 101. LingQ is also available for free, but it is better to invest $10/ month to take full advantage of what is offered. It's a wonderful country with very gracious people.


              Korean is a fun language to learn


              It's probably my favorite language to learn, even though I'm not that good at it yet.


              starting to practice more Korean


              안녕하세요, 아이들이이 앱을 가장 많이 사용하는 것으로 나타났습니다.


              I am from Korea but now that i'm stuck in my house I need to practice Korean!


              I'm actually korean

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