"I do not like this dress but I wear it."

Translation:Nie lubię tej sukienki, ale ją noszę.

February 20, 2016

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nie lubię tej sukienki ale noszę ją why it's wrong?


while polish has almost free word order, there are some unbreakable rules, and some things we tend to do/not do

We rather not leave pronouns at the end of sentence.


Lol, I just saw a sentence where the opposite was said. It was something like "If they are violet, I don't buy them", and the comment in the discussion was that the sentence had to end with "...kupuje ich."


In the clause "nie kupuję ich" there are just three words and the negation must precede the verb, so there is no other place you can put the pronoun.


Why does ją mean to? :/


Here, "ją" works as something like a feminine form of "it". "sukienka" is feminine, and there's just no other way to refer to it.


are there declension tables for "it"?


Well, the thing is that we don't consider it "it" in such a sentence. "ją" is a declension of "ona" (she), it's just that English uses "it" here.

I called it a 'something like a feminine form of it' because it seemed to me like a good way of explaining how it works. But technically it isn't.

You won't say "To jest sukienka. Ona jest zielona", you won't use 'ona' to refer to a feminine object, but in other cases than Nominative, you will actually use other cases of 'ona'.


This sounds like you use the "ją" in the same way English people might refer to objects, usually cars, as a him/her, replacing the it - eg: "Here's the keys, take HER for a drive." At least Polish has defined rules for whats him/her in this case.


What does lecz mean? I used jednak instead of ale. The correction duolingo gave me was "nie lubię tej sukineki, lecz ją noszę.


"lecz" is a less common synonym of "ale".

"jednak" is something between "but" and "however"... yeah, I guess it can work, addded.


I think: "Nie lubię tej sukienki, ale noszę ją" - is very good!


We want to teach our learners not to put pronouns like "ją" at the end of the sentence, if only it's possible to find another place for it.


But it seems I saw another rule - to not put pronoun on the first place in clause,


And it's not, "ale" is.

We could imagine this as two sentences: "I do not like this dress. But I wear it".


Why here is 'ją' instead of 'ja'? Dzieki :)


Ok it was a confusion, now i see it. Sorry!


what about 'ubieram' to replace 'noszę'


Ok, I've added "ale się w nią ubieram".


Please if you write here about roles , can you explain

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