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  5. "Goodnight, bye"

"Goodnight, bye"

Translation:Nos da, hwyl

February 20, 2016



How would you pronounce hwyl?


/hʊil/ in IPA, kind of like hu-il


Kinda like wheel, just put emphasis on the h. Press it to listen to it next time it comes up on the app


I am rather surprised to see "Goodnight" spelled as one word, yes in British English it is regarded as one word but in US English, which Dewi Lingo teaches, it is regarded as two words.

| Sources: "Oxford Dictionaries", British & World English, goodnight (http://goo.gl/QQ38xB); "Oxford Dictionaries", US English, good night (http://goo.gl/QQ38xB).


Duolingo teaches US English but I think Dewi Lingo teaches UK English :)

That is, the Welsh course is, I think, more biassed towards UK usage than most other courses.


Dewi Lingo doesn't teach English at all. There's no English for Welsh speakers course, as everyone in Wales already speaks English.


You can pick english then pick your launguge


The Welsh course uses British English because its intended mainly for people in Britain (i.e. where Wales is), because they are more likely to want to learn Welsh and actually get opportunities to use Welsh than people in America (unless they live in Welsh Patagonia but that's in Argentina not the US and they speak Spanish so wouldn't be using this course).

I mean, it's not like the course rejects US English, it just favours British English.

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