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"I have gone to school Monday."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd i'r ysgol dydd Llun.

February 20, 2016



I am puzzled I would have assumed that those setting up the Welsh could speak English (and esp British English) pretty well and yet several times there have been these weird "translaterese" sentences. Are they computer-generated, because the one here is wrong? "I went to school on Monday" or "I did go to school on Monday" are correct


Looks pretty unnatural in both languages! It is also missing the usual mutation of dydd to mean 'on Monday'.

  • Es i i'r ysgol ddydd Llun (I went/I did go to school on Monday)

  • Dw i'n byw yma ers blynyddoedd erbyn hyn (I have lived here for years now)

  • Dw i wedi prynu car newydd (I have bought a new car)


Why is it 'i'r ysgol' rather than 'i ysgol' where in English we don't say 'the'?


i'r when it is referring to places to which you go habitually. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13498454


Ok so in a sense the Welsh rule is the opposite of English? In Welsh it is 'to THE school' for places you go to habitually, in English it is 'to school'?


Because Welsh is not just English with funny words :)

So it doesn't follow the irregular practice of English of leaving off the definite article "the" in some places (to work, to school, to hospital), despite "to the supermarket, to the doctor('s), to the office, to the town hall, ...." all with "the".


I am aware of this. I just wondered if there was a rule to distinguish when i'r is used or not.

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