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online dictionary Polish

I've found several online dictionaries English-Polish, but none with information regarding gender or endings in cases. Does anyone have a good source of what do you all use?

February 20, 2016



I've restarted the course since I got totally lost in the way the different cases are written. Apart of the sentences and words I now also go through all the posts in every sentence. Gotta get my lost info somewhere. And what I'd been looking for for day's I now find, a couple of minutes after my posted question :-0.

So, here for all of you who struggle with/search for the same: https://pl.wiktionary.org, and you'll find all the info you need and much, much more (with a little additional help from translate).


I think pons.com has gender and audio,

for declension, and conjugation I'd recommend wiktionary(Polish) or WSJP (great dictionary of Polish language), http://www.wsjp.pl it is 100% in Polish, but @brod4 has written illustrated guide how to use it for conjugation https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13589661 , it works the same way for declension, but be careful to check meanings, as sometimes the same noun has different declension in different meanings, (not often but it happens, zamek castle/lock have different genitives, ucho ear/handle have different plurals )

also sometimes http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english-polish/ may help you it is a English-English-Polish dictionary, made for Polish speakers learning English,


Thanks the both of you. I'll check out all your given links.

Until now I'm pretty excited by the way wiktionary works. I've also found a very workable table of conjugation for nouns and already seen some links to other usable information for future lessons.


This conversation on here had some links to web sites:- https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12411701

I'd love an offline computer dictionary that gave me all (or even the most common) variations of nouns and adjectives and conjugation tables for verbs. Unfortunately I've not been able to find one. I guess I got spoiled by the excellent French dictionary I got from VidaLingua.

If anyone knows of a good one please make suggestions. I've tried most on the Play store and none of them (even the expensive Berlitz one which I returned after trying it) were that good.

My wish list would be:- + Decent list of words, but in fact it doesn't have to be enormous. I'm just learning + Ability to hear the Polish words spoken + Variations of words (eg: don't just have Dog = Pies, should have at least some variations) + Verb conjugation. Ideally you can enter "Jestem" and it will tell you the verb is "Byc" and be able to show you the conjugation tables if you want.


Wiktionary is a very good multilingual dictionary. If you look up a Polish noun, it will give you the declension. E.g.: Jajko


as stated somewhere in the comments it is recommended to check declensions in the Polish version- just in case.

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Look here Conjugation of Verbs in Polish - the instructions are with a verb as a sample, but it will be similar for a noun.


O brother, you scared me. I was still under the pleasant impression that at least the conjugation of verbs were relatively easy.

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I am sorry, I did not want to scare you :)


Well okay, I won't shoot the messenger then.


Only in polish but very good and free dictionary http://sjp.pwn.pl/

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