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  5. "We need a man."

"We need a man."

Translation:Potrzebujemy mężczyzny.

February 20, 2016



but he needs a cat. Life is unfair


My answer was "mężczyznę" and was, obviously, wrong. What case is this? When would "mężczyznę." be the correct answer?


This is Genitive here, your version was in Accusative. I've seen a lot of natives making this mistake and using Accusative after "potrzebować" - still, a mistake.

When we're learning cases of our language, we do it with usage of a verb that works with this case and questions. For Accusative it's usually: "widzę (kogo? co?)" = I see (whom? what?)

Therefore "mężczyznę" would work for example as "Widzę mężczyznę" = I see a man.

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