"Meddyg dw i."

Translation:I am a doctor.

February 20, 2016

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So is there a reason that this kind of sentence breaks with the "dw i _" sentence structure we have learned prior to this?


Yes - see the course notes. (Go to https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/924/hot and see 'Course tips and notes'.)

When identifying ourselves or someone else particularly as 'an engineer', 'a teacher', 'someone called Dewi' and so on, we use an emphatic structure in the sentence, with the thing being emphasised being placed at the front:

  • Beth ydy'ch enw chi? - Dewi dw i. (What is your name? I'm Dewi.)

  • A beth ydy'ch gwaith, Dewi? - Peirianydd dw i. (And what is your work, Dewi? I'm an engineer.)

  • A beth ydy enw dy ffrind, Dewi? - Ceri ydy hi. Peirianydd ydy hi, hefyd (And what is your friend's name, Dewi? She's Ceri. She's an engineer, too)


I presume this only refers to a doctor of medicine?


A medical doctor, yes.


What is the word for other types of doctor?


Somebody with a doctorate degree would be addressed formally as, say, y Doethur Gruffudd (= 'Doctor Gruffudd'). More usually, though, as Dr Gruffudd, as in English.


How would you say I am the doctor? Also, how would you say you are not something?


Would medic be an acceptable synonym/translation here?

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