Lessons not available?

I finished Lesson 11 of the Adverbs but am not getting the option for the last few lessons. Instead of giving the option for lesson 12, I just have the option to "Refresh this skill". Is anyone else experiencing this? (I know I could technically test out of the skill, but I prefer to take the lessons in order to get as much practice as possible.)

February 17, 2012


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To tell the truth, I never noticed how many lessons there are in each section. But, starting with the Time section several of the sections don't give enough lessons to allow mastering the section without doing the website translation. I thought it was their way to force us to do the website translations. But it just may be that they are still working on this section. In the past few days, I noticed several changes to the way that the program works. This program is still in beta, I think.

February 18, 2012

When you translate "Real spanish Sentences from the web", you get points in different lessons! So you might have translated some sentences (even in another lesson) and got awarded with enough points in that to not need to do the last lesson here.

March 31, 2012
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