"Ydy hi eisiau siocled?"

Translation:Does she want a chocolate?

February 20, 2016

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Does this mean that ' ydy ' is use with ' e ' and ' hi ' and ' ydyn' with the other personal pronouns when we want to ask the question Do? in Welsh? If so why not explain that in the notes and if not I'm totally confused!!!


Ydw is used for fi/i "Ydw i'n mynd i'r siop?" (Am I going to the shop?)
Wyt is used with ti "Wyt ti'n mynd i'r siop?" (Are you going to the shop?)
Ydy is used with fe/fo/hi "Ydy o'n/e'n/hi'n mynd i'r siop?" (Is he/she going to the shop?)
Ydach/ydych is used with chi "Ydach/Ydych chi'n mynd i'r siop?" (Are you going to the shop?){formal}
Ydyn is used with nhw "Ydyn nhw'n mynd i'r siop?" (Are they going to the shop?)
Ydan/Ydyn is used with ni "Ydan ni'n mynd i'r siop?" (Are we going to the shop?
These all make more sense if you know the formal forms used in positive statements e.g Rydw i + drop the r= ydw i. An exception is hi/fe/fo which the positive statement form is "Mae" but you can get around this by using the negative i.e Dydy hi/fe/fo ddim +drop the d and the ddim= ydy hi/fo/fe.
These can all be used to answer the question too i.e "Wyt ti'n mynd i'r siop?" which you can reply to with "Ydw". You might here the answer forms with an "n" between the initial "y" and "d" (e.g yndw etc) from the Anglesey dialect, but don't worry too much about that.


"Ydy" is the question form of "Mae" e.g Mae hi eisiau siocled." is a statement "She wants chocolate". "Ydy hi eisiau siocled?" is a question "She wants chocolate?/ Does she want chocolate?".


Do any other people with English as first language get confused that hi (pronounced like the English 'he') means she

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