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  5. "I found my clothes."

"I found my clothes."

Translation:Znalazłam moje ubrania.

February 20, 2016



I always get frustrated because 'ciuchy' is unacceptable.


You need to respect your clothes and not call them ugly names :) Or they will feel neglected and disappear again.


Me also. That's the word I always used.


Why is "ubranie" marked as a typo?

Surely the more likely scenario is that you're missing just the one set of clothes (that you, e.g., took off to go swimming) than that you're missing all of them.

But regardless, "ubranie" should be at least one of the accepted options.


Agreed, added.


How bad is my rejected answer: 'Znalazłem moją odzież'?


Everything is correct grammatically, semantically the meaning is the same... but... the register is pretty strange. "odzież" doesn't strike me as a word people use to refer to their own clothes. It's more like "clothing" than like "clothes", I think. For example a shop with used clothes (thrift store?) can have a sign "Odzież używana". A clothing shop is in general "sklep odzieżowy". But it just sounds very strange here.

Still, as such things are always kinda subjective, I guess it's not enough of a reason to reject it. Added now.

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