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  5. "Ми ходили у парк."

"Ми ходили у парк."

Translation:We went to a park.

February 20, 2016



Is this common usage? I'm not sure I've ever heard 'Ми ходили у парк.' If I heard this, I think I'd be confused. Would 'Ми ішли до парку' be more common?

[deactivated user]

    For me, «ходи́ли» means a regular action, while «ішли́» can primarily mean a one-off action (while it can mean a regular action):

    • Коли́ ми жи́ли у Льво́ві, ми щоти́жня ходи́ли в па́рк. 'When we lived in Lviv, we went to a/the park every week.' (ішли works here too, but for me, ходи́ли sounds better)
    • Лі́том ми щодня́ ходи́ли в па́рк. 'In summer, we went to the/a park every day.' (ішли works here too, but somehow sounds less natural)

    But, of course, when we are talking about single actions, only ішли́ is possible:

    • Коли́ поча́вся дощ, ми йшли в парк. 'When the rain started, we were going to the park.'


    Could this also be translated as "We walked in the park?" or would that take a different preposition?

    [deactivated user]

      That would take a different noun case: «ми ходили у/в парку».

      When used with accusative (у парк), «у» indicates direction to some place; when used with locative (у парку), «у» indicates being in some place.


      Why not We used to go/walk to a park?


      I typed exectly what is a correct version. But, it still couts as an error. I comparet character by character. But getting error anyway


      I see no recent reports for the sentence. If you encounter such problems use the "Report a problem" button. Otherwise, we have no way to check what is wrong.


      why is the locative case not used in this type of sentence?


      Because for direction you use the accusative.


      thanks, i appreciate it

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