"Moje siostry mnie lubią."

Translation:My sisters like me.

February 20, 2016

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Twoje oczy lubią mnie. ( the name of a song in Polish) ;)


Is it okay if you can switch 'mnie' and 'lubią' and make it into, 'Moje siostry lubią mnie'?

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Yes, but is just a little uncommon word order. In Polish the pronoun is rarely placed at the end of phrase, unless in poetry, or in complex sentences. Please remember, that in regular speech, in Polish, the last word in a phrase (or part thereof in a complex sentence) is the most important, it has the strongest phrasal accent and it "answers" to a question (actual or implied) that may be associated with the phrase:

  • Moje siostry lubią mnie -- Kogo lubią twoje siostry? [Whom do your sisters like?]
  • Moje siostry mnie lubią -- Jaki jest stosunek twoich sióstr do ciebie? [What is the attitude of your sisters towards you?]
  • Mnie lubią moje siostry / Lubią mnie moje siostry -- Kto cię lubi? [Who likes you?]
  • Mnie lubią siostry moje -- Czyje siostry cię lubią? [You are liked by the sisters of whom?] (in Polish it is actually active voice, but in this case I cannot find an English phrase that would not look awkward in active voice)

Please note that:

  • You cannot separate "siostry" and "moje", you can only switch their places.
  • It is not advised to place "moje" and "mnie" side by side, because it makes the sentence unnecessarily confusing.


Shouldn't it be: My sister likes me?

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No. The subject is in Nominative plural case here (which is not always in Polish). And Nominative plural is "siostry", the same as Genitive singular - see here: http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#8549/siostra You have an indication, that the subject is in 3-rd person plural also in the form of the verb, see: http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#269215/lubi%C4%87


I said moje siostry nie lubią and it took it.


"said"? We've only read a handful of comments from people who claim to have speaking exercises, so we assume it's something that is being tested.


Perhaps they meant "wrote" or maybe they spoke it out into their microphone, which you can do on the app in the smartphone


I heard 'nie' instead of 'mnie'


I think that the 'm' is quite clear here.


Would "Mąż moje siostry mnie lubią but "My sisters husbands like me"?


No... at first I thought that you tried to say "Mąż mojej siostry mnie lubi", but that's "My sister's husband likes me" (one sister, one husband).

If you have 2+ sisters, they are married and their husbands like you, that's "Mężowie moich sióstr mnie lubią".

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